World’s Coolest Tourist Attractions

World’s Coolest Tourist Attractions

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If you have the travel bug, your body is itching with excitement on what to do next, where to go and who to see. From the depths of the sea to flying high in the sky,  get ready for your new explorations. Below we unearthed the newest and coolest tourist attractions from New York to Europe to Asia.

Cancun’s Underwater Museum | Mexico
It’s a fish, it’s a sea cucumber, it’s a statue? This is the world’s largest underwater museum decorated with hundreds of life-size human-figured statues. The neutral Ph concrete sculptures provide a home for aquatic life, which is threatened due to 750,000 plus divers who visit these reefs.

Edgewalk at the CN Tower | Toronto, Canada
Talk a walk down death-lane and learn to become spiderman for one day. Dare-devils hands-free walk 1,168 feet in the air. Walkers hang or lean back in the air with nothing but a safety strap and feet gripping on the platform. This adrenaline rush is literally one strap away from near-falling to death’s door.

The Colosseum | Italy
The ancient amphitheater and former Gladiator background is one of the world’s most popular attractions. What’s new and cool is the secret underground which tourists explore high and low. This secret location is where gladiators entered and exited the arena, dead or alive.

Ha Long Bay Floating Villages | Vietnam
Many people dream of living on the water. This water-village is a reality for Vietnamese locals who live on floating houses. Visitors explore the lifestyle and history through the floating Cua Van Floating Cultural Center.

Grand Bazaar | Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey is one of the new hot-spots to travel to discover history, culture and artifacts. The Grand Bazaar boasts an array of Turkish goods including jewelry, stones, bags, paintings and clothes. The bazaar comprises of 31,000 square meters of shops. For good luck, purchase the evil eye, and there’s plenty of eyes to go around.

Capital Gate | Abu Dhabi
Going against the laws of gravity, is this 35-story landmark. The 18-degree tilt is leaning four times more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This eye-catching structure is glossy and grand from the outside, but to see the inside stay in the Hyatt Hotel.

Brooklyn Bridge Park | New York City
Travelers love viewing the New York City skyline.  The new reward for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is to meander and chill within six waterfront plots.  Grab and latte and witness a sunset behind the Statue of Liberty for an evening of complete urban bliss.