World’s Coolest Hotel Designs

World’s Coolest Hotel Designs

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From doughnuts to sailboats, innovative hotels decorate the planet with chic styles and luxurious sheets. Creative designs inspire imaginative minds, but inventive ideas come with a steep price. For those who value architecture, check out some of the world’s coolest hotel designs.

Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort | China
China’s newly released doughnut hotel shines bright in the night sky as this electric blue, 321-room, non-edible pastry glistens on the seashore. Rooms are fully packed with swanky amenities such as I-pod docking station and plasma screen televisions. The indoor pool, spa and fitness center is a relaxing luxury of its own. Looking for a great place to get married? Swap rings on the Wedding Island, which overlooks the beautiful, serene sea.

Burj Al Arab | Dubai
Sail away on a magic carpet of luxury in Dubai’s most lavish hotel, also known as the sailboat. Indulge in modern Middle Eastern design from the restaurant’s aquarium to the exquisite, colorful rooms filled overwhelming throw pillows and golden pillars. If you have spare cash, rent a Ferrari or take a helicopter ride to get a bird’s eye view of the wonders of Dubai.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore | Singapore
What looks a Star-Trek-like ship is one of Singapore’s most lavish hotels. Known to have one of ten best rooftop pools, the fun doesn’t stop there. Walk the art path, take a yoga class in the Banyan Tree Fitness Center or simply get a massage. With three pillars of magic the hotel contains over 2,000 rooms filled with comfort and amazingly soft sheets.

The Yas Hotel | Abu Dabi
In Abu Dabi, money flows like water, just as it does in the Yas. This art deco hotel is situated on the water and features a luxurious Turkish bath and outdoor pool. The chic style is outlined with bright, magnificent lights that fill the night sky. Enjoy eternal relaxation in the swanky bathtub that has a room of its own.

Axis Viana Hotel | Portugal
What looks like a Jenga puzzle is actually Portugal’s modern contemporary design. The white, black and red décor welcomes guests to a fancy lobby and ritzy room. The spa is well worth a visit and sachet outdoors in the garden or swim in the glamorous pool.  

Porta Fira Towers | Spain
This unique hotel stands proud in Barcelona’s Business District and truly represents a creative architectural design. Even the landscape is pristinely manicured with exquisite botanical life and interesting shapes. Cool on the outside and luxurious on the inside. This hotel lives up to its creative design from funky couches to artistic closet space.