Karma Package

Personal | Semi-Private Training – In Club
Do something good for your body, and good things will happen to you! This is an individualized fitness program catered to your needs and goals.  Individual, Partner and Small Group Sessions Available.  
Sessions occur at Core Physical Therapy on Seneca St. Seattle, WA. What to bring? Positive Attitude and a smile.

Lotus Package

Personal | Semi-Private Training – In Home
Blossom your fitness potential in the comfort of your own home! This individualized program can incorporate various pieces of equipment such as the BOSU, TRX, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells and more.  Public space (park or condo gym) training is also an option.  Individual, Partner and Small Group Sessions Available.  What do I need? Smiles and possibly a set of dumbbells if Elizabeth does not have your current weight.

Globe-Trekker Package

Self-Implemented Personalized Program
Have we met on the beaches of Australia? Are we childhood friends from Ohio? Is 75% of your work week spent on the road traveling? If so, Elizabeth can create and email you a guided workout regimen of exercises to do! Just because we are not in close proximity of eachother does not mean that Elizabeth has forgotten you. This is a program catered to those who need help with a regimen who can not commit to personal training.  What do I need? Commitment and Dedication to your regimen.

Buddha Package

Private  | Semi-Private Yoga Training
Whether you are seeking a therapeutic, basic or an advanced yoga practice, this session is for those who want to improve their yoga practice and techniques.  If you are searching for answers in a specific area of life, yoga may help get you there.  Focus on breath work and alignment included. Private, Partner and

Group sessions available. 
What do I need? Open Mind and a Yoga Mat.

Om Package

Meditation Sessions
There are various forms of meditation to include but not limited to Mala Bead, Imagery, Chakra, Silence and Walking meditation.  If you are looking to calm the mind and the body, while focusing on your inner-self this session is for you.  Private, Partner and Group sessions available. What do I need? An appreciation of a sound mind, sound body and something comfortable to sit on (mat, pillow)

Guru Package

Health Coaching Sessions
Talk with Elizabeth and set goals through your personalized health coaching session. Health coaching is structured individually to create achievable results throughout a certain period of time. Wellness / health coaching goals may revolve around breaking habits, stress management, exercise or nutrition goals and more. Sessions occur over the phone or via Apple’s Facetime. You may reside in any location.

Additional Services

Elizabeth is also available for group, corporate and special occasion sessions.  Please contact Elizabeth with your requests including program desires, number of participants, and program logisitics (days of the week, time of day and duration). Elizabeth has extensive corporate wellness and training experience. She has trained and taught at: Starbucks Headquarters, Regence Health Insurance, Amazon, Baker Boyer Bank, Nelson Irrigation & various other independent and small business companies.

Contact Elizabeth for all program queries, scheduling and rates.