Top Volleyball Beaches

Beach and Water — February 18, 2014 at 5:00 am

Top Volleyball Beaches


Sand volleyball is part of the beach culture attracting sun worshippers to spike their activity level. Sand volleyball began in Santa Monica back in the 1920’s creating a genesis of tournament play. It then became an official Olympic sport in the 1996 games. Beach volley is a global phenomenon, especially in California. But no matter what beach you visit in the states, you’ll be sure to spot players digging in the sand and serving up an intense match. If you’re looking to play or watch a tournament be sure to visit these top volleyball beaches.

Huntington Beach, California
Huntington Beach is a sand volleyball paradise. On some days, it seems that there are more volleyball players than grains of sand. Novice and pro players hit the net and join in local matches. There are approximately 19 nets located near the Huntington Beach pier. Volleyball competitions come to town including Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Pro Beach Volleyball Games and a Corona beer sponsored event, which usually occurs after Labor Day in September.

West Beach, Santa Barbara, California
West Beach in Santa Barbara hosts the annual AVP’s Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament. Thousands of spectators flock to watch some of the best pro dive, dig and spike on the court.  West beach also features volleyball camps and lessons for those eager youth to improve their skills. The nets are open for use as long as they are not reserved for competitions and camps.

Alki Beach, West Seattle, Washington
This California-inspired beach offers sand volleyball nets mainly during the summer months. Locals use courts throughout the long summer days to enjoy the sun and the spectacular view over Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. If you get too hot, bring a water bottle as the Puget Sound water is frigid year round.  The Alkip Volleyball Association (AVA) hosts sand volleyball tournaments for adults and juniors.

Santa Monica Beach, California
Santa Monica is where the party started many decades ago. Courts are located in various parts of the beach north and south of the pier. Like most courts, they are free and on a first come, first serve basis. Santa Monica Beach Volleyball Club hosts try-outs for those who want to be on a competing team. Private lessons are also available with their elite coaches. Competitions and camps are seen throughout the warmer months.

Long Beach, New York
Long beach features nets available for public, league and competition use. Evolutions Volleyball hosts several leagues and competitions throughout the warmer months with certain events hosted through East End Volleyball. Long Island Volleyball Association hosts the largest adult league in the Northeastern United States.

Hilton Head Beach, South Carolina
Stay active on the Hilton Head shorelines where beach goers recreationally play and rivals compete. East End Volleyball hosts an annual tournament on the South Carolina shoreline and the AVP makes a competition appearance.

Hollywood Beach, Florida
Florida Beach Volleyball Tours hosts several events each year at Hollywood Beach. Hollywood beach is beyond perfect for just volleyball; everything one needs is within thirty feet of the courts. Café, restaurants, restrooms, parking and ocean are easily accessible in the beach. The boardwalk is known as one of the best in Florida, so in case you didn’t get enough exercise, walk your way along the scenic path.