Top Tropical Winter Vacation Destinations

Top Tropical Winter Vacation Destinations

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Need to defeat winter doldrums? Winter never seems “too bad” at first, but after long days of gray skies, snowy streets and bare trees, it’s time to head out of town for vacation. Cure your wintertime blues and head to the beach this winter to uplift snowy souls.

Puerto Rico
PR is an ideal vacation spot for those who want warm with and do not have a passport. Enjoy the perks of the Caribbean with picturesque beaches and adventurous attractions. Explore history in El Morro, shop in San Juan or catch 20-foot waves on the shoreline. Whatever you fancy, Puerto Rico’s got it…on the American dollar.

A true exotic vacation for most Americans includes the Hawaiian Islands. Wintertime is high season, so book early. With mid-80’s temperature, spend the day hiking, beach walking or snorkeling. Kauai is one of many visitor’s favorite island as it integrates the best of rural and modern Hawaii.

Playa de Carmen
Playa de Carmen has created its Euro-niche in the Yucatan Peninsula. Sophisticated Euros and expats flood beaches and the funky public square with their espresso-sipping ritual. Eat in one of the many European-influenced restaurants including Italian, Mediterranean or French. Snorkel, swim, and sunbathe, whatever you want the choice is yours.

St. Martin
Calm versus adventurous is the name of the atmosphere on this Caribbean island. Enjoy serene beaches and tranquil sunsets and zip-line through forest canopies as you explore the better of two worlds. Lively culture and peaceful nature allows travelers to experience the best of leisure and seclusion, all for one price. Eat well. Party hard. Duty-free shop. Relax on beaches. Doesn’t sound to bad, eh?

Costa Rica
Head to Costa Rica during the warmest month of the year, December. Costa Rica features something for every traveler. Adventurous hiking, zip lining and surfing welcome to restless traveler. The breathtaking landscapes feature a myriad of wildlife from toucans to sloths. Nestled in the exhilarating outdoors are the peaceful, quaint aspects of Costa Rica’s shoreline and beaches. Find solitude in one of many yoga and SUP retreats. Or simply sun worship on the beach. All we know is that you need plenty of time to soak up Costa Rica’s atmosphere, sun and culture, as it is the happiest country on earth.

Tel Aviv, Israel
Believe or not, Tel Aviv boasts culture, class and luxury. World-class beaches and primetime nightlife are Tel Aviv’s best features. Meander and shop on the streets of Jaffa or simply relax at the Gordon-Frishman Beach. If there’s one must-do activity in Tel Aviv, it’s to experience the vast city and culture.

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