Top Sleep Disorders that affect Americans

Top Sleep Disorders that affect Americans

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Nothing is more uncomfortable when you just want to sleep than a staring contest with a ceiling and living life with tired eyes. More than 30 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation, and 20% of Americans have reported they obtain less than six hours of sleep per night on average. If you can relate, read below to see if you suffer from any of these sleep disorders than affect millions of Americans each year.

Hypersomnia, another word for sleep deprivation, this condition occurs when there is excessive daytime sleepiness. Many hypersomnia conditions are preventable as most are self-inflicted. Late-night technology use, working late, or worrying about things wrestles the brain and hormones into an active state. Meditation, yoga or exercise is beneficial to balance the body.

Insomnia is the inability to obtain sufficient sleep or have problems falling (back) to sleep. This issue is deadly as people experience chronic fatigue during the day, which reduces alertness or cognitive function. Many insomniacs have “hyperarousal” issues, where the body is constantly on alert, and never resting.

Sleep Apnea
Sleep apnea occurs when the body stops breathing for several seconds, or minutes, due to airway blockage. This makes a person gasp for air and results in poor oxygen circulation throughout the body. This is commonly seen with obese individuals and exacerbates heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, strokes and hypertension. The resolution is to sleep with a CPAP, continuous positive airway pressure, facial mask.

Shift Work Disorder
Common in America, where working around the clock becomes the norm, this disrupts the body’s normal biological process. This happens when people continuously work overnight, or switch shift hours, and never live on one scheduled regimen. Generally, the mind, body and hormones get out of sync, which leads to less productivity and danger when operating vehicles and machinery, as the body does not function its best.   

This issue affects approximately 250,000 Americans. This disorder leads to periods of intense daytime sleepiness and leads to brief periods of sleep throughout daytime hours. Unfortunately, falling asleep is unpredictable and may occur while driving, having a conversation, or while working.