Top Hiking Trails in the Pacific Northwest

Top Hiking Trails in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s natural beauty, delicious seafood and scenic hiking trails. With thousands of easy to strenuous trails amongst the Northwest, visitors and locals are rewarded to some of the best views in America. Lace up your trekking shoes and bring your camera as these are the best hiking trails throughout Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada.Skyline Trail Loop. Mount Rainier National Park Roundtrip: 6 Miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
The trailhead starts at Paradise Visitor Center and features the best of Mount Rainier. Hikers get to enjoy a plethora of wildflowers during the late July to August timeframe. On a clear day, Panorama Point showcases magnificent views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. Bring plenty of water as during the summer months hikers are exposed in direct sunlight.

Panorama Ridge, Whistler, British Columbia
Roundtrip: 9.3 Miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
Garibaldi Provincial Park’s Panorama Ridge stuns the eye with green opaque lakes, which contrasts with snowcapped Mount Garibaldi. With 5,000 feet of elevation gain, this hike challenges the mind and the body. The worth it views of glaciers and mountain peaks are best seen between July to October.

Skyline Divide Trail, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest
Roundtrip: 9 Miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
The trail starts on a fierce, constant incline throughout a forest. At near two miles, hikers are exposed to open meadows and jaw dropping views of Mount Baker and Shuksan. The continuation of incline and hills features more amazing views including: The Black Buttes, Twin Sisters, Olympics and San Juan islands.

Mailbox Peak, North Bend, WA
Roundtrip: 6 Miles
Difficulty: Strenuous
This heart-thumping trail welcomes hikers to gain 1,000 feet of elevation per mile. Once scrambled to the top, trekkers say hello to the Issaquah Alps, Mount Si and Rattlesnake Ledge. Best of all, is the mailbox, which is wedged above the summit rocks. Catch your breath, write a note and get your knees ready for one long hike down.

Sparks Lake, Bend, Oregon
Roundtrip: 1 Mile
Difficulty: Easy
This easy trail is located 25 miles west of Bend off Cascade Lakes Highway. Known to be a photographer’s paradise, the lake is surrounded by Broken Top, Bachelor Butte and South Sister. Clear days feature mountain reflections in this 10,000 year old lake. If you plan your trip right, catch a sunset to capture some of the best photos in the Northwest.

Multnomah Falls & Wakeenah Falls Trail, Multnomah, Oregon
Roundtrip: 2.2 Miles or 5.4 Miles
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
This popular trail inclines upward for a meandering trail amongst a soothing river and fertile forest. Once you hike to the top of the two-tierd, 542 foot Multnomah Falls, follow the trail to view Fairy and Wakeenah Falls. The loop to Wakeenah Falls is a 5.4 miles roundtrip loop.

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