Top Heli-Skiing Destinations

Top Heli-Skiing Destinations

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Heli-skiing is a riveting adventure where a helicopter is your lift, and the fresh powder is your trail. The concept has been in existence since the 1960’s, and modern day heli-sking continues to honor the historical concept. Whether you have novice or intermediary skills, heli-skiers experience a one-of-a-kind exploration of the mountains most exciting destination, the ski trail. With the help of Outdoors Magazine, below are the top heli-sking destinations around.

Telluride, Colorado
Outdoors Magazine rates this the best location for intermediate skiers. Helitrax features starting points as high as 13,500 feet, which is some of the highest peaks on the planet. Enjoy breathtaking views as you take about six runs per day across 2,000 miles per day. Helitrax tours are intimate with approximately 12 skiers per group.

Bella Coola, British Columbia
Bella Coola welcomes pros and Hollywood to ski the scenery and watch it on the big screen. Bella Coola’s permit includes 2.6 million acres of Coast Range, which includes 6,000 vertical drop lines. The season “runs” through April, with near 100 feet of snow each winter season. Check out Bella Coola Helisports for various heli-skiing packages.

Golden, British Columbia
For amazing skiing, on a short timeline, check out Canadian Heli-skiing, which offers two to seven-day packages. This popular destination keeps staff and helicopters busy with intimate groups of three skiers and one guide. The flexible schedule welcomes busy day-job holders to start their packages any day of the week. Expect a minimum of eight to 12 runs per day; however, if weather permitting, guests may get up to 16 daily runs. Approximately, 98% of groups ski in excess.

Mazama, Washington
Located in the North Cascade Mountain Range, which are a couple hours away from Seattle, Washington. All you need is seven friends, for seven amazing runs per day. North Cascades Heli, founded in 1988, has permits for 300,000 acres within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Vertical drops range between 1,500-4,000 feet. Granite cliffs and spires surround open bowls and steep glades.

Valdez, Alaska
Alaska’s vast landscape attracts adventurous hearts and bold skiers. H2O Guides permits contain 2.6 million acres, which is the same size as Connecticut. Get ready for six thrill-seeking runs per day, equating to 20,000 feet in vertical drops. H20 is a family-owned company and takes good care of guests. As weather maybe unpredictable, they offer rollover skiing. So if you only get five runs on the first day, you’ll get seven on the next day.

CMH Resorts, British Columbia
Recommended as the best place for beginners, CMH has a large selection of terrain, approximately a third of the size as Switzerland. Powder 101 lessons are available for the novice heli-skier, with progressions up to Powder 401. CMH has near 50 years experience with heli-skiing and offers three, five and seven day packages for all levels. Fly high in the sky with stellar views and powderific, Canadian skiing on one of 11 districts.