Top Downhill Ski Gear for 2013-2014

Top Downhill Ski Gear for 2013-2014

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Tired of your old skis? It’s time to stick your poles into the ground and treat yourself to something new. If you’re in the market for a new pair of skis, boots or maybe a full-on outfit then you’ve come to the right place. Get your credit cards ready and check out the best downhill ski gear for this season.

Salomon Quest Ski Boot
Get ready to hike and ride this winter with Salomon’s Quest boot. Free ski skiers choose from five options depending on your skill and run. From backcountry to power, these boots are versatile, lightweight and slick in color. With top quality technology this boot is comfortable for skiing and riding all day long. Available in Men and Women styles and sizes.

Dynafit Bindings
Bindings are the tools, which anchor the boot to the ski. Dynafit is long-term, popular brand with skiers. From the Beast 16 to the Low Tech Radical, there is something for the everyday or ambitious skier. Their innovative mix of materials is patented to ensure skiers are provided with top quality products. The lightest binding Dynafit features are the Low Tech Race, which weigh 115 grams.

Zeal Optics Ski Goggles
Say hello to the new wave of ski goggles. This HD Camera + Goggle is taking skiing to the next level. With 1080p HD video and 8 mp camera, you not have the opportunity to capture your sickest runs. Never miss a moment thanks to the instant replay option. Whoever thought technology would get this good?

Leki Trigger S Ski Pole
The click in glove to ski pole brings a new, easy-to-use technology to the market. Fitted for alpine skiing, the gloves are comfortable and feature an easy to release button to detach the glove to the pole. Fitted for recreational skiers to racers, choose from gloves or mittens. Available for men, women and youth.

K2 A.M.P. Rictor Skis
The K2 A.M.P. will excel in some of the toughest conditions. This award winning downhill ski are designed with an All-Terrain Rocker that you will glide you through various landscapes and slushy conditions. The progressive side-cut allows skiers to experience the most of challenging of curves.

Marmot Ski Pants
Hey ladies, look hot this season with the Wm’s Mirage Pant. Stick out in the snow with your hot pink ski pants. Waterproof, breathable and countless pockets are some of the best features of these pants. Men look sleek and stay warm in your Mantra Insulated Pant. Play games on the board and tricks on the ladies with these breathable, waterproof and Thermal R insulation pant.

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