Top Dehydrated Food Brands for Camping

Top Dehydrated Food Brands for Camping

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Hiking with camping gear is a heavy load to trek with on the trails. After miles of effort, fatigue sets in and the stomach grumbles with hunger. At that point of exhaustion, the body is craving a warm and delicious meal to refuel glucose and energy levels. Save the power bars and apples for home, ‘cause it’s home cooking tonight. All you’ll need is some hot water and a fork – so get ready to eat the top dehydrated food brands for camping.Mountain House
This freeze-dried food company features up to 25-year shelf life products. Backpackers go for the pouch items where the bag is your bowl and the taste buds are your best friend. Enjoy flavors such as chicken alfredo, sweet and sour pork and rice and chicken and mashed potatoes. Mountain house features breakfast and dessert pouches from scrambled eggs to Neapolitan ice cream.
Thrive-Life Foods
Thrive-Life features organic, gluten free and dried fruit options. The sweet and tasty flavor of the strawberries and corn are so great that you don’t even need water to enjoy the zest. Thrive-Life features all your food needs from rice to meat to vegetables. Create your own delectable delight for your next camping trip. Dessert and beverages available.

Alpine Aire Foods
Taste something wonderful from cheesy potato soup to beef stroganoff. Just add boiling water and a smile. These foods are free from MSG, white sugar, food coloring and preservatives. Gluten free options available with meals such as mountain chili and bandito scramble.

Backpacker’s Pantry
From organic to vegan to two-person meals, Backpacker’s Pantry offers meals for all stomachs. Entrees include international flavors such as Kathmandu curry, pad thai and yakisoba. Snacks are also available and range from applesauce to salsa. Gluten free products are also available.

Mary Janes Farm
Organic meals couldn’t taste better. From morning oatmeal to afternoon southwestern couscous, vegans and meat-eaters explore the various flavors of these hot-water meals. Bring your pita and enjoy the just-add-water black bean hummus.