Top Apps for Outdoorsmen

Top Apps for Outdoorsmen

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Technology is ruling the world, which often disconnects us from nature. Thanks to further advancements with smart phones and apps, the cellular device is now a must-pack tool before you trek, ski or summit the unknown lands. In fact, sometimes it makes life a bit easier, but as technology can fail in a click of a button or a with drop into a puddle, make sure you can read a real map and carry an actual compass.

Aurora Buddy
This app features updates and alerts for Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis. Based on the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute, this app predicts most recent short-term findings for Alaska, North America, Europe, South Pole and North Pole. Available for Android phones.

Sundroid App
This free app is the most popular for sunrise and sunset calculations, which is needed for almost all outdoor pursuits. Sundroid also features length of daylight, moonrise and moonset times and lunar phases. Search any location with your GPS or worldwide using the app’s map. Available for Android phones.

This is one of the best offline GPS trackers on the market. It features snow sport run, slope, and distance and speed analysis and is perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Saved sets are saved in the data section of the app. iPhone and iPad compatible. 

Itopo Maps App
This app is a perfect solution for hikers and climbers who require a complete GPS analysis and solution. Best part is that the app covers all 50 states. Available on iPhone and iPad devices.

Smart Compass App
I-phones have a built in compass, and Android phones can download the Smart Compass app to search bearings with built-in magnetic sensors. The app can notify of direct location via taking a photograph of current location.

Google Earth App
This is a must-have for anyone heading out and about.  If you travel to many locations with many unknown roads, this is your best option for not getting lost into the abyss. Designed for iPhone and iPad.

Tide Chart App 
This free app features tidal and lunar information for a number of locations across the states. Perfect for photographers, local fishing and other seascape adventures. Available for Android.

Avalanche Forecast App 
This app aggregates avalanche forecast information from all avalanche centers location across the United States and Canada. Definitely check this before any snowy back country trips, and it will cache the information when you lose your data service. Compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

Weathertron App
This iOS weather app can see minute-by-minute temperature and precipitation forecast with just a scroll of the finger. A seven-day forecast is also available.

Park Maps App
This GPS enabled app covers over 250 U.S. National Parks, recreational areas and monuments. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iOS systems.