Top 7 Sleep Sound Apps


Top 7 Sleep Sound Apps

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Need help getting to sleep? Nothing goes together better than some nice sleeping sounds while lying in a warm, cozy bed. Sleep apps are popular and range from various meditation, nature or ambient beats. On your next night in the sack, tune into a sleep app and relax to the melodies for a deeper, dreamier sleep. Don’t be afraid to put some rain on your sleep parade, it’s the best sound of the evening.

Sleep is an easy-to-use app featuring 100 relaxing sounds from nature. Listen to the wind or the droplets of rain combined with background music. The best part is that you can create your own tune with the combination of various nature sounds and beats. Once you’ve concocted your sleep sound, click save, and the rest is up to your brain. iPhone compatible.

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep
Even the most difficult sleeper finds relaxation with nature. This audio therapy features six distinct, natural sounds. Ocean waves, birds and jungle sounds promote sleep, especially for insomniacs.  Free on Android devices.

Sleep Soundly Hypnosis
Sleeeepy. You’re getting real sleeeeepy. Tune your brain to the hypnotic guidance of hypnosis. This app features a 39-minute segment to guide to through mental and physical relaxation. The app includes guided imagery. This app is free on Android.

Sleep Pillow Sounds: White Noise Machine App
With national media attention, this $1.99 app is designed for both iPhone and iPad. The app combines premixed ambient sounds to enhance relaxation for better sleep. The sounds are created to promote a cyclical sleep pattern, which helps even the most difficult sleepers. There are 70 natural recorded sounds with up to 300,000 combinations. Whether you like bonfires, whales, rain or vacuums, you’ll find the noises here. iOS compatible.

White Noise Lite: Relax. Sleep. Better.
For those who can’t stand the sound of water or rainforests, try white noise. This free app is compatible with apple devices and features white noise in addition to an oscillating fan, beach waves, chimes and grandfather clocks. This app was featured on the Dr. Oz show. iOS compatible.

Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation
For those searching eastern philosophy while you sleep, check out this apple device app. With 36 ambient and three binaural beats listen to the various combinations. Think of this like a spa treatment while you sleep. iOS compatible.

Deep Relaxation
Created by Mindvalley, this app features the Silva Method meditation exercises. Relax as you are guided through a meditation series to help you slow down your brainwaves. Audios include tracks such as tranquil relaxation sound, quick relaxation and the deep relaxation track.