Top 10 Summer Beach Playlist

Seasonal Outdoor Activities — May 30, 2014 at 5:00 am

Top 10 Summer Beach Playlist


Summer is near and that means time to hit the outdoors, beach and pool parties. Nothing inspires a sunny day better than a good music playlist. Summertime has been an inspiration to many artists’ ears to sing sweet melodies about the sun, sand, sea or slurry drinks. From oldies to newbies to goodies, these are the must-play songs to have on your summer beach playlist this season.

Surfin’ USA | Beach Boys – 1963
Whether you’re a pro surfer or a kook, surfers and beach goers must appreciate the luxury of Surfin’ USA. This Californian quintet used the sun for many inspirations including their hit song, “Kokomo.” The Beach Boys are a classic reminder of how spectacular, and simple, life was “back in the day.”

Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz | The Girl From Ipanema – 1964
Nothing says summertime lattes and cocktails like the “Girl From Ipanema.” This classic, chill-out song about the wistful adventure of a girl who walks off to sea is a lounge and café culture favorite. This song truly blows in the breeze while enjoying the shade underneath a street side café umbrella.

Bob Marley | Sun is Shining – 1971
No summer playlist goes without reggae, or Bob Marley. This reggae icon inspires chilling, and staying cool on a hot summer’s day. “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…makes you wanna move your dancing feet.” – Nothing says summer better than this song.

Cruel Summer | Bananarama – 1983
Seriously, the 80’s were the best, thanks to Bananarama. Cruel summer is about those who can’t seem to catch up in life, and every day is a dog-day. But what’s most important is that the sun is out, and although sweating, got to keep living and soaking up that Vitamin D.

Summer of ’69 | Bryan Adams – 1985
Oh how the 80’s rocks the soul of American pastime, and for summer memories, this Bryan Adams song hits the spot, especially with the hippi-expat culture. Although Adams was a nine-year old child in 1969, many baby boomers and their children, remember the summer of ’69 “the best days of my life.”

Sublime | Doin’ Time / Summertime – 1997
This classic 90’s song is about a girl who done the man wrong, and makes him feel as if his love is in a prison. Although depressing, nothing moves the body better in the summertime rays than living the single life, exploring for that one summertime crush. From dancing at a tiki bar to driving down the esplanade, this is an all-time favorite amidst the skater, surfing culture.

Sneaky Sound System | I Love It – 2006
Sneaky is an Australian dance group who ramps up the awesome year-round Aussie summer weather with songs to make you  groove whether in a nightclub, beach or at the “barbie.” I love it showcases lyrics of being in love, perfect for hanging with your guy or gal on the sand, “I love it when I have you holding in my arms.” Summer + Love = Sneaky Sound System

Chasing the Sun | The Wanted – 2012
This new day pop song hits the beach with sun-worshippers chasing the summertime sun. Mix up the playlist with a dabble of modern day hits and groovy beats.

Sleep | Avici – 2012
Although this song won’t technically daze you into a beach nap, the ambient beats pulsate the brain to dance, move and splash in the sea. The song exudes freedom-seeking vibes, perfect for feeling free from responsibilities while on the beach. Although one of Avici’s lesser played songs (not aired on the radio) it’s as good, if not better, than the famous levels song.

Summer | Calvin Harris – 2014
This newly released song hit the market just in time for summertime rays. The beep-bopping beats make feet dance in the sand and shoulders roll with delight, especially when streaming the music video.