The World’s Richest Cities by GDP

The World’s Richest Cities by GDP

Posted by  on November 8, 2013 at 5:00 am

When one thinks of the richest cities in the world, they often imagine a place flushed with cash. Millionaires, billionaires and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are only some of the features that make a city rich. Outdoor pursuits, urban activities and progressive energy also contribute to the richness of each city. Whether you are looking for a hunky, single millionaire, or searching for some swanky swag, you’ll find it in the world’s richest cities.

Tokyo, Japan
With over 13 million residents, the GDP skyrockets at a $1,520 billion dollars. Beyond loads of cash, locals and visitors explore the electric streets where artificial light shines bright in the night sky.  Chic sushi and designer clothing explode in this urban jungle of expensive taste and class.Tokyo, Japan

New York City, USA
The Big Apple crushes the GDP with $1,210 billion dollars in GDP with only a population just over 8 million. Sleep more in the City that Never Sleeps in lavish sheets and swanky hotels. Get energized in Times Square, Brooklyn or at the Statue of Liberty.New York City, USA

Los Angeles, USA
The smog-city, Hollywood crazy city racks in $789.7 billion dollars in GDP with just over 3.7 million people. Like London, the main industries are banking and finance sprinkled with celebrity obsessed tourists. Famous attractions include the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Universal Studios and of course, the beach.Los Angeles, USA

Seoul, South Korea
Thanks to electronics, steel, iron and textiles, Seoul is booming with a $779.3 billion dollar GDP. And Seoul exudes much Korean soul from pop culture, Gangnam District, to dancing Kia Rio Mouses. The cuisine is rich in flavor and the technology is abundant.Seoul, South Korea

London, England
This popular tourist destination boasts a whopping $731.2 billion dollars in GDP. Old and modern London is a melting pot of cultural attractions from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye. Experience the rich atmosphere dating as far back as the Charles Dickens days.London, England

Paris, France
Oui, it is true, Paris is more than being flushed with cash. The city exudes café culture, rich foods, sweet wines, designer clothes and sultry locals. From a monetary standpoint, Paris has a $669.2 billion dollar GDP. The big money makers are tourism and fashion design headquarters.Paris, France

Moscow, Russia
This fancy chic city boasts richness from fashion to tourist attractions. Modern design is situated amidstt ancient streets. Grab your vodka, and take a sip in the city that earned $520.1 billion dollars in GDP. The city has come a long way since its 1147 establishment.Moscow, Russia