The World’s Best Places to Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP)



The World’s Best Places to Stand-up Paddleboard (SUP)


Best Places to SUPStand up Paddling is making waves around the world with its popularity amidst warm, cold, fresh and salt waters. The sport began in the 1960’s with the “Beach Boys of Waikiki,” and now-a-days SUP has picked up speed to be one of the most popular water sports. Paddlers are coasting around the world to say “aloha” or “sup” to exotic lands to connect man with water. From tropical shorelines to mountain coastlines, now is your chance to “walk on water” and view spectacular scenery.

Hawaii is the place where stand up paddling claimed history. Locals and travelers alike hit the ocean to glide amidst the various island’s shoreline. The Mecca of SUP in Hawaii is found on the Oahu’s North Shore. Ali’I Beach is one of the most popular paddling spots, which feature calm, crystal blue waters. The protected bay region is located on the south end of the beach and is great for novice SUP and swimmers.

The Bahamas features near 120 miles of shoreline and chains of islands. The calm, clear and tropical waters feature stunning views of reefs and marine life. An ideal SUP spot is Abacos, to get the full on marine and beach experience.

Seattle, Washington
Lattes by morning. Stand up paddling by day. Salmon dinner by night. Sounds great, huh? The concrete jungle is situated amidst pools of water and features many SUP destinations. Lake Union, Shishole Bay, Green Lake, Lake Washington and Elliot Bay are popular with paddlers. Exploring Seattle on water is the new trend and most ideal way to experience the Pacific Northwest. Novice paddlers should be comfortable on the board before paddling on the Puget Sound, especially on strong current days.

Costa Rica
SUP is picking up momentum fast in this Central America country. The warm water and air temperature lingers around 85 degrees and is great for those who purposefully want to splash into the water. An ideal location for calm waters and exotic sea life is Playa Danta in the Guanacaste region.

Whistler, Canada
Yes Canada features more then mountains, skiing and bears. Whistler is now a water sport destination where paddlers explore the cool pools of Alta Lake and Alpha Lake. There is no other breathtaking water view in this world then the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

India is a hidden gem for paddlers. Explore the quiet and ancient east shore waters as you paddle with Surfing Yogis. Located on the Bay of Bengal, their hot spots for SUP are Kushavadra River and Chilika Lake. Surfing Yogis also feature an annual Surf Festival and SUP lessons for the novice. Westerners and locals alike flock here for one reason – to explore the majestic Indian waters. And did we forget to  mention that this Cosmic beach also features an art retreat and Full Moon Bloom?

The popular SUP and SUP yoga destination has paddlers hitting the water hard from Santa Barbara to Redondo Beach to San Diego. Pretty much up and down the coast paddlers enjoy the beautiful Pacific waters in the attractive Californian weather.

Bora Bora, Tahiti
Tahiti definitely makes the list with the silky smooth calm, turquoise lagoon waters. What’s unique here is that paddlers can snorkel or swim right off the board without worrying about rough waves. Say hello to turtles, fish, reefs or dolphins, if you are lucky.  Tahitian waters maybe the most pure and beautiful SUP destination in the world.