“I worked for Elizabeth for about a year. She was my supervisor in a small fitness center. What I appreciated most about Elizabeth was that I never felt that I worked ‘for’ her, but with her. She is one of those genuine people who is the same person wherever you see her and who instantly make you feel like family. And evidently many other people feel that way as well because I still work at that gym and even though it has been a few months since Elizabeth has moved on, almost daily I get someone who says ‘this place just isn’t the same without her.’ I agree. Occasionally I would substitute for Elizabeth  and before I did that I participated in her classes. I have taken many fitness classes of all types and from all personality types as well and I was impressed by how comfortable she made everyone feel and was excellent about providing level options and alternatives to each skill or movement. I really appreciated her very calm, warm, and professional manner and approach. If I have a chance to work with her again, I’d jump at it.”
Carole Linhart | Exercise Room Attendant managed by Elizabeth 

 “Notice to all aspiring fitness seekers and the sponsors of fitness lifestyles. Elizabeth, an inspirational fitness leader and task master, assembles a beneficial, yet inviting, set of routines to motivate participants seeking a fitness-oriented regimen. Elizabeth provides easy to follow and encouraging fitness instruction, with a persona that maintains interest in carrying on by the participants.

I have been engaged in the various fitness programs, under the apt leadership of  Elizabeth, since 2011. The dynamic content of the programs have allowed me to improve my balance, strength, and endurance for Alpine and Nordic skiing, kayaking, standup paddle-boarding, ice skating, hiking, and sculling.  At 70 plus years of age, I intend to carry on with the fitness programs, allowing me to continue enjoyment of recreational activities well into the future and attain a health profile that would be the envy of many who would like to mimic my active lifestyle for many years to come.”
David Elkins  –  Ski Conditioning, BOSU Training and TRX Interval Participant

“Have you ever met someone that instantly inspires, gives you courage and motivates you?  That’s how I felt when I met Elizabeth for the first time.
To understand, you have to go back to the start of this journey with me; at 46 years old (and 5 years since I’d done any consistent exercise) I found myself looking in the mirror and missing the “old” me – the “me” who had the energy to complete a triathlon (yes, I actually did that.. once upon a time), the woman who had the courage to try new things, to run for fun!  Yeah, I said it…run – for –FUN!  There I was, really looking at myself for the first time in ages and it was suddenly clear to me; the wrinkles I could live with, I mean after three kids, four if you count my husband, and a full time job I’d earned them, the gray hair could be covered (and recovered) but the extra 40 lbs, the tiredness, poor health and worse my increasingly poor attitude just had to go!  These things just didn’t reflect the person I knew I was inside.

So I joined my local rec center, headed back to the gym, walked into the fitness room full of great ideas and commitment only to be faced with row after row after row of shining silver exercise machines all humming with life.  I felt overwhelmed, where should I start?  I climbed up on the elliptical machine and about 4 minutes later my body started crying out to me to quit.   I admit it I was a little defeated.  I wanted to be healthier, I was willing to work hard but I just didn’t know how to do it.  Really I just didn’t know where to start.

So I backed up a little, took a look at the rec center fitness options and saw a little class called Yogalates.  Sounded like a good cup of coffee…maybe that was the place to start for me.  Life changed when I took that first class because I was lucky enough to meet Elizabeth Kovar.  Her previous fitness director titles were nice but it does little to truly define who she is – Elizabeth is one of those rare individuals who are living out her passion for life in her work and with her everyday actions.   By doing this she inspires all of us around her to reach out for the passion of our own lives.  After that first class, I knew I’d found the place to start.  Elizabeth’s ability to integrate the class with fun, encouragement, solid fitness training and a keen sense of humor gave me the courage I needed to continue to work on myself.  She has taught me how to integrate fitness and healthy eating into my life and with her encouragement and training I’ve managed to lose those 40 lbs.  But more importantly I have “found” the active, energetic person inside.  She provided the role model I needed to keep working and believing in myself and for that I will always be thankful to her.  So much has changed since I started this process and while some of it has to do with the size of my jeans most of it has to do with my confidence and courage to live my life to its fullest.”
Susan Bonnell  –  Yogalates Student & Yoga Training Client 

“Elizabeth Kovar writes a weekly column on fitness for Oregon Sports News. Her workout tips are popular among our wide audience. She is a brilliant writer; she is able to write in a manner that anyone could understand and I rarely have to edit any of her work. She’s a gifted writer, and I am very happy to have her on the team.”
Arran Gimba | OregonSportsNews.com Editor 

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the great job you did as a Fitness Coordinator.  One of the first things that jumps out was how easy it was to talk to you.  As the primary liaison for the instructors with the Recreation Department you were accessible, engaged and genuinely interested in your programs.  Additionally, you get lots of credit for your social awareness, which is very important in a public programming position in these stressed financial times.  It feels like you listen to the needs of the community and strive to program accordingly … it was a Win/Win for the City of Lynnwood.”
Sandy Ullom | Instructor who was Managed by Elizabeth Kovar