Sleep Tips for Pregnant Moms


Sleep Tips for Pregnant Moms

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Getting a good night sleep when pregnant is no easy task, but is essential for proper fetal development and for the mom-to-be’s well being. Many sleepless nights can leave fatigued moms more susceptible to colds, illnesses or depressive symptoms. No matter how large your tummy is, there is hope for a restful night of sleep. The following tips are easy to follow and beneficial for both mom and baby.

Sleep Positions
The most ideal sleeping position for you and the baby is to sleep on your side. It’s even better to lie on your left side to increase the blood flow and nutrients to the fetus. Plus it reduces potential swelling in the hands, legs, and feet.

Pillow Use
If your body is restless or you’re not sleeping comfortably, prop up with a pillow. A small pillow can be placed between the belly and the bed. You can also place a pillow between the knees to support the legs. To increase back support, prop up a long body pillow behind your back, as it will fight the urge to roll over on to your back.

Mattress Pad
Everybody desires either a firm or soft mattress. If lying on your side causes aches and pains, place an egg crate mattress pad under your sheets to provide cushioning.

Meditation Before Bed
Stress causes sleepless nights for everyone, including sleepy-eyed moms. All it takes is two simple minutes to sit upright, close the eyes and start focusing on breathing. Meditation relaxes the brain and body to set you up for a perfect night of shut eye.

Incorporate Heat
Warmth equals relaxation. Place a hot water bottle or a light heat pad on your belly to promote warmth between the sheets. To promote relaxation take a warm bath to calm the body and senses.

Align with the Circadian Rhythm
The  body naturally secretes various hormones to keep us awake or make us fall asleep. Avoid chronic technology use at night, especially one hour before bed. It is most ideal to start “prepping” for bed and falling asleep before 10 at night. To allow your body to relax completely, try make sure dinner digestion is completed two to three hours before bedtime.

Adjust your Fluid Intake
Hydration is important during pregnancy; however, if you skip drinking throughout the day and guzzle late at night, it will disrupt sleep patterns. Set up a routine pattern to drink more commonly throughout the day instead of late at night.