Significant Meaning of Flowers


Significant Meaning of Flowers

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Flowers. What’s not to love? The scent, color, petal-shape and beauty captures the heart of nature lovers. There’s something wonderful about a fresh bouquet of flowers that lightens the air and brightens a room’s atmosphere. It maybe the aesthetics, or it maybe the secret and significant meaning behind the petal. In the Victorian day, flowers were sparse and people used flowers as a symbol and gesture to communicate in other way than words. Today flowers are abundant but still hold that significant meaning.

Daises symbolize purity, innocence, loyal love and beauty. They also represent simplicity and patience. This flower was popular in medieval paintings also known as”flowery mead.”

Often considered a weed by Western standards, dandelions are still a flower. They represent affection, faithfulness and happiness. It is also considered a love’s oracle, which also signifies desire and sympathy.

This flower represents the meaning of it’s name, “Please don’t forget me.” It also signifies true love and memories. It is noted in medieval times a knight and his lady walked near a river where he picked a patch of posies. He fell into the river and threw the posies to the lady and yelled, “forget-me-not,” thus forging the name to the petal. 

Known as a tropical flower often found in Florida and Hawaii, this flower mainly represents delicate beauty and “consumed by love.” The hibiscus is often used as a part of herbal tea for health and healing.

This flower represents games, sports, rashness and playful joy. The hyacinth derives from Greek mythology and dedicated to Apollo. This flower also represents rebirth. However, the yellow hyacinth signifies jealousy.

Commonly found in Asia, the Jasmine flower is still found around the world. The Indian Jasmine represents love and attachment. The yellow jasmine symbolizes modesty, grace and elegance. The Spanish jasmine signifies sensuality. Jasmine is also consumed in tea and known to assist in preventing cancer.

The lilac is a popular, great-smelling spring flower. This flower represents pride, beauty, youthful innocence and youth. Lilacs can be white, pink, burgundy or pale yellow.

Commonly known as the most important flower for yogis and represents the crown chakra. It is also the national flower of India. The lotus represents an estranged love and forgetfulness of the past.

Orchids are a popular houseplant, but are also hard to keep alive for those who do not have grand plant-growing skills. This flower signifies refinement, beauty, thoughtfulness, mature charm and love. It also is seen as the symbol of many children in China.

Sunflowers are a source of beauty and food. It symbolizes adoration and references to Helio, the Sun God. Tall sunflowers signify pride and false riches.

Tulips are the perfect spring flower across many American homes and lawns. The meaning varies amongst the various colors, but overall symbolize fame and perfect love and lover. This is the national flower of Holland.

Violets symbolize modesty, virtue and affection. It can also represent watchfulness, faithfulness and pushing one to take a chance with happiness. Violets are edible are a part of decorative salads, stuffing or soufflés.