Should you let your dog sleep in your bed?

Should you let your dog sleep in your bed?

Relaxed and obedient dog owners have had a long-term debate on whether it’s a good or bad idea to let the dog sleep in the bed. The good news is that you are the only person to determine the answer. Where some people think it’s bad, others find sharing their pillow relaxing and comforting. Before you make your decision, there are many perspectives to consider if puppy naps are right for you. However, the number one guideline is to be consistent and stick with your decision.

People who are sensitive to dust, pollen and fur may find they develop pet allergies. Dogs shed dander, or microscopic dead skin cells, which may cause the reaction. If you notice sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, sniffling or skin irritation, you maybe susceptible to pet allergies.

Sleep Issues versus Comfort
In some ways dogs are just like humans; some sleep quietly while others are restless and may even snore. Attached owners find comfort in sharing the bed and sheets, which promotes relaxation and sleep. However, if the dog is fidgety, it may awake the light sleeper, especially if the dog steels the sheets. If you notice a tug-of-war game it may be most ideal to sleep in separate beds.

Not all dogs have this issue, but some who sleep with their owner may not feel the owner is above him in the hierarchy. Thus, if you command the dog to obey, the dog may not respond.

If you own more than one dog, owners will need to let all or none of the pups sleep in the same bed. If one dog is allowed to sleep in the bed and not the other this may cause tension between the dogs. The bedless dog may question his role in the family, where the other dog may exude a superior attitude.

The all-or-nothing guideline is recommended to choose between wither sharing your bed all the time, or never. Flip-flopping between the two causes confusion, which may lead to a later behavior problem. The dog may feel inferior and wonder why its role has changed, thus leading to anxiety.

Cleanliness Obsession
It’s no secret dogs shed fur or may have dirty paws. If you don’t mind changing the sheets or sending the comforter to the dry cleaner, then it shouldn’t be much of an issue. If you worry about a ruffled sheet, than it maybe most ideal to toss the pooch off the bed.