Pump-O-Matic…The Workout with a Pumpkin!

Hello friends!

First, I want to start with a simple question. What do you with your pumpkins this fall season? Most commonly heard answers include: carve it, eat it, smash it!

However, have you ever worked out with a pumpkin? Now is your chance! This at-home, gym or group class concept works to move the fullbody all while laughing because you are working out with a pumpkin!

How did this concept derive? One weekend in September, I took the TRX Level 2 Sports Medicine course. After the course, I went to Whole Foods and as I sat on the outdoor steps I enjoyed the late summer weather of sun and fresh air. While sipping my espresso, my brain started buzzing around with comprehending the thoughts of what I just learned in TRX and how I would implement that in my class.  Continuing on I thought about how beautiful the weather was and fall. Proceeding, I thought about fitness guru, Jonathon Ross’s, TRX SuperHero workout and thinking about the concepts of movement of superheros with the TRX.

As I glanced over my left shoulder  I saw a bin of Pumpkins, and walked up to the bins and thought, “These are like medicine balls”. Of course a workout would be boring if you did the same old moves. I started thinking of Halloween / Fall characters, and how I could integrate movement, seasonal characters and the pumpkin.

The light bulb struck and after a couple days of thinking, I chose a name “Pump-O-Matic” and in this workout you’ll be able to move like your favorite character.  From a cat going to attack the pumpking to being a witch stirring your pot of brew, it is a fun and challenging workout! Trust me, I did this workout several times and you sure get to burn off the candy calories.

Pump-O-Matic will be held Tuesday Oct. 30th starting at 5:30PM at the Lynnwood Rec Center. Dress your best and free pumpkin recipes will be handed out! This workout will also be displayed in the Everett Herald.

Happy Exercising!