Personal Growth


The world continuously¬†evolves and progresses through technology, environmental awareness and career training. And often times we are excited for this advancement because we expect this. But what happens when we constantly put ourselves last? We find defeat, frustration and notions of giving up our life, goals and dreams. In other areas of life, we expect growth, development and change. But what are you doing to grow, evolve and advance into being the best you? Each day, life presents us opportunities to grow, but we often overlook these chances and find excuses or ponder on negative thoughts that nothing can work for you. Well, the great news is that there is something for you, and every-body on this planet. The problem is that you’ve been given the wrong tools, false hopes or a one-size-fits-all approach.

Elizabeth exudes the mind-body-spirit approach to coach you toward your success, goals and dreams. These programs include discovering what mental, emotional or physical setbacks are hindering your potential success. Whether you want to change your life or save the world, we need to focus and help our inner-world first to vastly affect our outer-world. This is the true secret to life and Elizabeth is here to guide you every step of the way to make you whole, complete and ready to conquer your dreams.

Holistic Health Coaching
If you’re looking for a coach who understands life and achievable approaches to health, than Holistic Health Coaching is for you. Health Coaching packages are individually designed to fit your lifestyle and budget. Sessions occur either in-person (if located in Seattle, WA), over the phone or Skype/Facetime. Sessions start with a comprehensive overview of health history including the mental, emotional and physical aspects of life. Coaching guides to heal the body naturally with food, herbs, water, movement and mind shift changes. At-home fitness programs can also be included.

Spiritual Coaching
The word “spirit” seems to scare the pants off people. But why is that? It’s through misperceptions and judgement that this has occurred, which either turns people off or makes a person hide in the spiritual closet. But behind every door and smile is a spirit that is waiting to be unleashed and liberated. This coaching session is unlike any you’ve experienced. Spiritual living does not mean you can not enjoy life or parties, but it’s living life through awareness, knowledge, evolvement and conscious awakening. Explore a fusion of ancient modalities and modern methods to move you forward with your life, goals and dreams. Many teachers, bosses or critics often say our ideas are stupid or “you should never do that” because of fear or biased opinions. This style of coaching gets you to where you want and need to go. Combine with in-person or distance Reiki to open the door to your inner-world.¬†

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