Outdoor Patio Design Tips and Ideas

Outdoor Patio Design Tips and Ideas

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If looking to create or spruce up your patio, look no further than these outdoor patio design tips and ideas. With summer hitting its peak, it’s that time of year to host various outdoor occasions such as graduation, wedding and birthday parties. These ideas spark inspiration for you to discover and create that outdoor sanctuary every home owner has dreamed about.

Indoor, Outdoor or Both?
Depending on where you live, some patios are capable of being used year round in temperate climates. True outdoor patios are situated in either the sun or the shade and use patio umbrellas to stay cool in the hot summer sun. However, for those who want year-round access can build a canopy, overhang, or ceiling over the patio to keep dry in wet and cooler climates. Retractable or stationary windows are possible to be built to create an indoor sun room, which can be used all year.

Find Your Floor
No patio is complete without its appropriate flooring. Wood, brick, stone and marble are all wonderful choices, which is dependent upon the weather and aesthetics. Brick and wood are more ideal in wetter climates as stone and marble are not slip-proof. Marble and stone are ideal for creating certain inspired themes such as a Spanish or Moroccan-style patio.

Get Comfy with Seating
Patio furniture has greatly expanded from the traditional table, chair and umbrella. Many people are now bringing the indoors out with outdoor-themed couches, love seats, coffee tables and bars. For color, spice up the furniture with pillow and throws.

Make it Soothing with Water
Water has a soothing and tranquil quality, which is ideal in an outdoor location. Whether it’s a sculpture circulating water, or a water garden flowing around or between the parameters, add water to enhance the atmosphere.

Soften the Edges
Patios that have either harsh lines or a drastic cut between patio and lawn can fuse a blended approach to soften the transition with plants or a stone wall border. Border the patio either with a bed of flowers and plants, or use various sized terra cotta pots filled with your favorite perennial or annual flower. Stone-bordered walls allow for additional seated, and lying, space.

Tie the Patio Together with a Rug
To create that living room atmosphere, add a carpet that fits your color scheme. Circular or square rugs work to fuse that inviting book-reading atmosphere. New age carpets are made with various weather-proof materials, thus making them durable for outdoor shoes and climate.

Add Light
When the sun is down, patios require light to enhance the ambiance and create that nighttime gathering space. Go green with various solar products or low energy voltage bulbs to conserve resources and protect the environment. Outdoor lighting comes in various wall sconce designs and hanging lamps. Bistro light strands or fire-heated lamps are another outdoor option.