New Years Resolution: 10 Ideas for Better Sleep in 2014


New Years Resolution: 10 Ideas for Better Sleep in 2014

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The New Year is here, and that means time to put forth full effort for our resolutions. If you require better sleep now is the time to make improvements for sound and restful sleep this 2014. These simple and easy to implement resolutions are helpful for all restless sleepers. Take a deep breath and get ready to start your sleep journey toward restful, peaceful sleep.

Conduct a Bedding Review
If the bedding, pillow or mattress is worn out, it may affect your sleep more than you know. Now is the time to splurge and create the sleeping environment you have dreamed of. Getting comfortable between the sheets calms the body, which will zonk out the mind to la-la land.

Limit Your Use of Caffeine
Even if you drink your eight glasses of coffee before 5:00 pm, consuming too much caffeine causes restless sleep. Plus, high caffeine consumption long-term is detrimental towards one health. So kill two birds with one stone, improve health and sleep.

Implement an Exercise Routine
Another two-for-one resolution, exercise burns energy throughout the day so your mental wheels will relax at night. Plus, exercise will improve overall health and stimulate the body’s hormones during the circadian rhythm.

Make Time for More Sleep
Whatever the excuse maybe, America has issues with overwhelming schedules. Lack of sleep, long-term, is similar to functioning as an inebriated individual. Americans have two choices, to sleep or not to sleep, so might as well choose the sleep option.

Power Down the Technology an Hour Before Bed
Bright technological devices disrupt the natural secretion of melatonin, and stimulate hormones to keep you alert and awake. Choose to read a book or relax without technology an hour before bed.

Stop Criticizing Sleep
“I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” paints a good night of sleep on a bad canvas. Restful sleep is vital, and so your approach to sleep. Change the way you look and perceive a good night of sleep. It’s what gets things done efficiently.

Educate yourself about Sleep
If you are not aware of the benefits of sleep, or not sure of your sleeping condition, check out reputable website’s to find out what the symptoms or causes are for various sleep disorders. Websites to check out are, WebMD and Mayo Clinic. 

Talk to a Doctor
If you know you persistently snore, stare at the ceiling, or cannot fall back to sleep, than you may need an experts opinion to help you on your path toward better, healthier sleep.

Get a Real Alarm Clock
Alerts, texts, phone calls and notifications can buzz, boing and blow up your phone. If you have low willpower and can’t avoid checking your phone than leave the phone outside. Go old school and set an alarm clock. No phone equals no excuses.

Listen to Sleep Music
CD’s, apps, iPhones and iPods. There are limitless opportunities to have endless access to sleep sounds. Ambient beats and nature sounds promote restful sleep with taking the brain a deeper brain wave state.