Natural Supplements for the Outdoor Health Junkie


Natural Supplements for the Outdoor Health Junkie

Attention runners, cyclists, hikers and all outdoor enthusiasts. No longer do you have to consume processed, chemical supplements on your open-air pursuits. Take a breath of fresh air and a bite or gulp of chemical-free or organic foods and products to keep you energized and healthy while outside. Better yet, these products are light and store easy within packs, belts and pockets.

1 nuunNuun Tablets
These electrolyte enhanced drink tablets help replenish lost nutrients without the addition of processed chemicals, sugar and artificial food coloring. Nuun features varying degrees of nutrient tablets to replenish dehydrated bodies of all kinds – from athlete to desk jockeys. With various flavors, these tablets are tasty and easy to use. It’s as easy as dropping a tablet in water.



2 chocolate 9Chocolate #9 Energy Gels
This low glycemic energy gel is free from refined sugars and “mystery” ingredients. The delicious chocolate taste satisfies palates and easily digests in the stomach. The neat part about these gels, is that they contain two balanced ingredients: organic agave nectar and cocoa. This is the only Low GI certified energy gel on the market.



3 guyakiGuayaki Yerba Mate Energy Shots
Running low on steam and need a quick pick me up? Try this organic energy shot that is vegetarian and kosher friendly. The glass amber packaging avoids nasty chemicals from plastic and protects the product from light and oxygen. Packed with Vitamin-B and C, this no jitter energy boost is great for those who need a boost before a long drive after hitting the trails and intense terrain. Best of all, these shots are free of GMO’s, high fructose corn sweeteners, preservatives and artificial flavors.


4 greens+Greens+ Energy Bars
Get super energized with these delicious superfood, alkaline-forming green food bar. Explore various flavors like chocolate, berry, peanut butter, chia or just go au natural. Made with organic ingredients, most bars are gluten free and all contain high herbal extract and high ORAC-antioxidant. Delicious and nutritious!




5 honey stingerHoney Stinger Organic Energy Chews
For those who like to chew on something, chew on something organic, clean and healthy. Honey Stinger is pure natural energy derived from 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey. These gluten free chews are free from GMO’s and hydrogenated oils. They are smaller and softer than other chews on the market, which makes for an easier multitask – chewing while exercising.



ChocoWaffle__Honey Stinger Organic Waffle
For years European cyclists consumed waffles while on the go. Honey stinger reinvented their own waffle, which are made with USDA organic ingredients. Choose from chocolate, honey, lemon, strawberry or vanilla and hit the road hard with a positive attitude and a waffle in your back pocket.