Most Vibrant Pants for the Active Female

Most Vibrant Pants for the Active Female

Posted by  on May 28, 2013 at 12:00 pm

You see her walking down the street, decked in vibrant colors, which catches the eye. You may think she’s eccentric or quirky, that she maybe, but in reality she’s just keeping up with the fitness trends. The rebirth of hot colors and funky activewear pants smoking hot in the trend scene. This is not a 1980′s flashback, but a movement that integrates fashion forward innovation.

These funky dri-FIT capris combats sweat as you strut your stuff at the gym or on the trails. The compression fit is comfortable with freedom of movement. The pants feature an full print pant for vibrant consistency, which makes head turn as your fushia legs flash by people watchers.

Like color and shapes? Choose from five different colors and styles that features a soft and edgy styles to meet your personality. The cotton soft material keeps you cool and dry even as you heat up the room looking super hot. These pants are so unique, they can even pass as outerwear.


Bold and daring personalities take a leap forward in trend setting with this geometric, tie-died pant. Make a statement in these slim leggings, which features reduced seams for ultra comfort.  The one-of-a-kind pants compliments greatly with other bright colored tops and shoes to keep the eccentric vibe alive.

Be Present Agility Pants with Pink Lotus

Explore your inner zen-like nature with these slender but flowing pants. With seven colors to choose from, all come with a pink lotus flower on the back end. With back slits behind the knee, the pants flow leaving room to flow as you practice your best buddha moves.

Margarita Activewear Tie-Die Explosion

Yogis and hippis, these pants are for you. The two-toned pants are slender on top with a nice bell-bottom flare below the calf. Express your free spirit with free movement thanks to the soft cotton and breathable fabric. These pants also feature a fun-loving daisy located on the right cheek to further express a women’s beauty.

The no-fuss calf-lengthed pants are wunder-ful in various ways. The solid or printed pattern welcomes timid and bold personalities, and provides a four way stretch feature to cater to active pursuits. The hidden pocket feature hides keys or cards, and is made from luon fabric.