Most Unusual Running Events

Most Unusual Running Events

Runners are a one-of-a-kind breed. They are enthusiastic, bold and daring individuals who race for a challenge and a cause. As ordinary races may seem bleak and boring, event planners are creating events that are edgy and innovative. Hit the trails to get your Centaur legs in shape to run with the horses and strut your thighs in a nice pair of undies. These are the most unusual, or bizarre, running events around the world.

Kona Underpants Run
This good, clean, fun, underpanty run is only done for one reason. A good cause. What started as a protest against wearing speedos in public places is now a $100,000 charity raising, icebreaker event before Ironman. Every thursday before Ironman, men and women, of all shapes and sizes, strap up their laces and undies, and maybe a feather boa, to embrace the aloha spirit. The race is approximately 1.2 miles in length.

Man vs. Horse Marathon
Another genius European creation was created no where but at a bar. The debate over whether a man can beat a horse created the Man vs. Horse Marathon. This annual Wales event is 33 years old and running strong.  The title says it all, man and horse race 22 miles to the finish line. The 25th anniversary celebrated the first human victory, winning at two hours, five minutes and 19 seconds (02:05:19).

Krispy Kreme Challenge
The Europeans think of man versus beast. Americans think of man versus pastry. The annual Krispy Kreme Challenge is, “2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour.  The mantra of the Krispy Kreme Challenge epitomizes the test of physical fitness and gastrointestinal fortitude.” Unfortunately, runners will need to run near 20 miles to burn off the 2,400 calories, but fortunately, the proceeds are donated to North Carolina’s Childrens Hospital.

The Electric Run
For those who’s soul is sold to house and electronic music, this is a dazzling night of running, music and lights. The only thing you will be high on are endorphins as your body rocks with progressive beats amongst the neon-flashing streets.  Wear your neffmau mouse-head while dancing to deadmau 5. This is sure to be one exciting, dance party, or run whatever you choose.
The Midnight Run
Located in Laugardalur, Reykjavik, Iceland, this event starts at 10:00pm with 3k, 5k and 10k options. Of course, there are tons of midnight races around the world, but this is unusual as it is 100% daylight for the entire race. The event celebrates solstice and the time of year where is 24 hour sunshine. Once runners had their share on the road, they hit the local geothermal hot springs and thermal pools to relax tired legs.


Santa Speedo Run
Boston residents are thick-skinned individuals. Well, they better be to run nearly naked in Boston winter weather. Various residents dress their best in skimpy santa undies and hats and take a nice stroll throughout Boston streets. Nothing says Christmas more than skimpy santas and Christmas carols being played on a boom box.