Most Pedal-Powered Cities in the World

Most Pedal-Powered Cities in the World

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Cities around the world, are embracing human movement and reducing carbon footprint with the use of bikes as public transportation. Yes you heard that correct, bikes rule the road and cars are the secondary option. Bicycle-friendly cities are known to have stellar paths, access to key locations, acceptable road use and bike parking are all thanks to innovative urban planning. For the love of biking, visit these cities on your next cycling adventure.

Portland, OR
Cars and bikes share the road and rights in Portland. Known as a very bikeable city, Portland encourages locals to use bikes with clear bike lanes on city streets and meandering paths that lead to parks and other must-see sites in the city. With five bike bridges, locals connect easily to downtown. In 2012, biking saw a 3.3% growth of road-use, which is slowly and steadily increasing.

Hannover, Germany
Hannover has so many bikes that you almost believe you’re in Amsterdam. The hardworking German culture created hundreds of miles of city pathways that meander amongst a river, urban green spaces and city streets. All the cool people are biking in Hannover, and you should too.

Seattle, WA
Seattle’s bike culture is trendy and hip. The eco-friendly and die-hard athletes bike to work and for fun. The Elliot Bay trail and Burke-Gilman trails connect neighborhoods to downtown city streets.

Berlin, Germany
Berliners embrace biking day and night. Lucky for Berlin, the landscape is fairly flat. Nearly 500,000 bikers use the road daily and contribute to 13% of traffic. It is estimated that Berlin has 710 bikes per 1,000 residents. Way to go Berlin!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
In the city limits, over 60% of trips made to the inner-city and 38% of overall city trips are done via biking. This world-class biking culture confuses locals at the bike stand to know which bike is theirs? There are over 400km of bike paths, and over one million bikers cycling the road annually.

Copenhagen, Denmark
As with most cities in Denmark, Copenhagen is dominating the streets with biking. Every day, 1.2 trillion kilometers are biked within city streets and 36% of locals bike to work, school or university. More people commute to work on bike in Copenhagen than all bike commuters in the United States.

Denver, Colorado
The mile-high city contains endless miles of bike paths. Denver boasts with a substantial bike-sharing program With more than 850 miles of off-road paths, locals are connected to city streets and nature sites via bike lanes.

London, England
The busy streets of London needs to reduce it’s footprint and traffic issues. Biking is gaining momentum with locals and visitors. Sharing the road, on the other side of the street, is challenging at first, but like all things, “it’s like riding a bike.” Tour operators offer bike tours in various different languages.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
On the upswing is Buenos Aires. In 2010, the government established a bike-share initiative to have 700 bikes available for hire at any 21 bike stands. Bikes can be picked up and dropped off between the hours of 8am and 8pm. Since 2012, the city constructed more than 43.50 miles of protected lanes off-street and is adding an additional 62+ miles of bike-only paths.