Meaning of Animals in Your Dreams


Meaning of Animals in Your Dreams

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After your brain was off in la-la land, you awake in your conscious state to recognize that an animal was a significant part of your dream. Animals in dreams are highly significant and symbolize our deeper instincts and subconsciousness that are repressed. Animal dreams deal with strong emotion and help “uproot” deep-rooted issues. Animals help our deepest desires to be wild and free. You can make what you want out of your animal dreams, but to the most extent these animals are communicating a message for you to consciously ponder on. Below are some of the most significant animals that are often seen in our dreams.

Bears exude a strong, energy. Bears also indicate a time of introspection. If a bear is hibernating in your dream, it may represent a time to look inward, soul-search and self-reflect before presenting an idea to the outer world. If a bear is chasing you, it may mean you are avoiding a massive issue in your life. If the bear is standing upright, it means you need to defend your beliefs, opinions or ideas.

Cats represent feminine power. Cats are spiritual guardians and deal with esoteric knowledge. In general, cats represent a heightened spiritual awareness. In dreams, a black cat represents hidden secrets or powers. Wild cats represent the need to exercise will power while tame cats represent a place of comfort in our lives.

Dogs represent loyalty, friendship and instinct. In dreams, getting bit by a dog represents holding onto a guilty conscious. Dog attacks symbolize the “think before you speak or act” concept as you may be acting on too much impulse. If you are being led by a dog this signifies that you are comfortable within your own skin.

Dolphins signify spiritual guidance, mental attributes, intellect and emotional trust. Dream dolphins represent overall inspiration. It encourages you to utilize its mind to its full capacity and move forward and upward in life. In addition, it signifies that a line of communication between the conscious and unconscious realms is met. Dying dolphins represent despair and disconnection. Riding on a dolphin signifies optimism and social altruism.

Eagles, the rulers of the sky, symbolize power and invincibility. In dreams, an eagle represents inner-spirituality or self-attainment. To be watched by an eagle indicates guilt of being seen through by others (as people we regard to as superiors). The death or dying of an eagle indicates the extermination of an idea or illusion, or the feelings to have missed out on life.

Elephants represent power, stability, and stead-fastness. Elephants signify that in the conscious state you are able to deal with any obstacle at this time. Riding an elephant means you have leadership qualities (leader of a family) and with others being dependent upon you. Circus elephants represent a cavalier attitude about a present situation, which means you should give more attention and thought toward that particular issue.

Hawks yearn for freedom, and represent the need to find the courage to put forth and fulfill your ambitious endeavors toward the end. A hawk in a cage represents feeling trapped in a relationship or the inability to express ones feelings. Dream hawks encourage you to stimulate your intellectual power to obtain the freedom you deserve.

Horses signify strength, power, endurance, and sexual prowess. It also represents grand physical energy but you may need to maintain your wild forces or stop “horsing around.”

Lions symbolize great power, courage, strength and aggression. Also, lions represent dignity, royalty, leadership, pride, and domination. You may have much influence over others and will overcome emotional difficulties. To be attacked by a lion signifies that a force maybe driving you toward self-destruction.

An octopus means you maybe entangled into a difficult matter or situation.  Also, your judgement is clouded. Or that you are overly possessive or too clingy and dependent in a relationship.

Turtles represent wisdom, loyalty, faithfulness and longevity. It signifies that you need to take it slow in a present situation or relationship. With time and patience you can make progress. If you feel withdrawn, you may be hiding in your shell or exterior.

Whales signify intuition, awareness and that you are spiritually connected. A whale symbolizes a business or project that maybe too big to handle or you feel overwhelmed.