Long Term Benefits of Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep

Long Term Benefits of Exercise, Nutrition, and Sleep

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Nutrition, exercise, sleep: these three form a “triad” and are pillars in promoting ideal health and sound well-being. These three factors form a sort of checks and balances, allowing the body to function optimally and in harmony with its physiology. When one trait is off-balance, it throws off the other pillars, decreasing one’s well-being.

Weight Maintenance
To maintain an ideal weight, sleep, nutrition, and exercise must be in check. Sleep is the body’s recovery period, so without enough sleep you are significantly depriving your body of the most essential health requirement.

Muscle Recovery
When a person exercises, the muscles experience tiny mico-tears that need to be repaired. Healthy protein restores and repairs the muscles. During sleep, the body is in full muscle synthesis using amino acids in the body to restore and repair tears that have not been recovered during the awake state. Proper sleep results in restored muscles, which aide in better and stronger training thanks to the body recovering and receiving enough nutrients.

Stress Maintenance
Stress, or fight or flight, activates various hormones, to allow the body to “flee from danger.” This in turn increases weight and disrupts the sleep cycle long-term. However, when a person is mentally and physically sound from exercise, diet and sleep, they can maintain stress to keep them calm. This is because a person is more aware and can handle certain life events without anxiety.

Reduces Risk of Disease
Heart disease is America’s number one killer, which mainly occurs because of poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Some sleep disorders are linked to irregular heartbeats and hypertension. Thus, this chain reaction can be controlled, depending on the quality of a person’s exercise, nutrition, and sleep patterns.

Promotes Brain Health
Approximately 20 to 25-percent of the body’s blood is in the brain. When the brain is nutrient-less, mental unclarity and other ailments start to occur. This also happens when there is not enough glucose in the system. Low blood sugar long-term may lead to panic attacks or other mental issues. The lesson? Eat, move, and sleep!

Promotes a Synergistic Relationship
The body moves and flows as one unit. People often forget that wellbeing is more than diet and exercise. Sound sleep and proper exercise is known to boost immune functions and fight off disease quicker. Thus, the symbiotic relationship of the body’s system is only as strong and healthy as the person’s health.