Kid Bedroom Design Ideas

Kid Bedroom Design Ideas

Trends come and go, and that goes for bedroom styles, even for children. While some trends will never leave the bedroom, some are here to stay, or least for a while until the child gets old enough to beg for a remodel. Whether you’re looking to fix up one idea or remodel the whole room, here are the best of kid bedroom design ideas to inspire your future astronaut of zookeeper.

Get Out-er Space
Future astronauts are usually imaginative, dreamy and creative children. Let them dream big in their celestial themed room. There’s more than one way to design this theme. One idea is to paint the ceiling with the night sky. The light fixture can be the center, representing the sun and hang planets around the ceiling to represent the planets in orbit. The ceiling sky can overhang onto the walls eventually blending into the milky-way powdered blue scene. If that’s too much blue add a divider at the height of the bed’s headboard. You can add painted stripes, which represent the same color as in the planets. Another idea is to paint or use space-themed wallpaper on one wall where the bed will be positioned. This allows the child to feel a part of the majestic sky. The other walls can be painted a different color – two white and one either a blue, yellow or orange to keep the room bright, but not overpowering. Don’t forget the space comforter and sheets –  it’s a must.

Catch Jungle Fever
Zookeeper wannabes and enthusiasts find serenity amidst nature’s wildest beasts. Zoo-themed rooms can be as child-or-wild as the age of the kid. Paint wallpaper or decal one wall with your favorite Safari or jungle theme. This wall should be opposite of the bed so the child can pretend to view the safari, the same scenario as if the child were actually in the safari. Opposing walls can be neutral such as white or cream, or match the overall theme. Comforters and sheets can match the jungle theme with hues of green, yellow or oranges. Or if the child has a favorite animal such as the cheetah or zebra, coordinate animal print to fit the best of the child’s liking.

Swim Under the Sea
This idea can be as bold or classy as one desires. Children who desire to have the full aquatic experience are best surrounded by blue walls and ceiling painted with color fish, dolphins, turtles, whales and coral reef. Boat beds, sea-life carpets and mobile-like fish hanging from the ceiling are not out of the picture with this child. For a more chic sea life theme, paint all walls white except for one. This wall should include a full sea life wall, painted, poster or wallpaper, to explore the best of the sea life. This pained wall should be right or left of the bed, perfect for side sleepers who want to stare at the ocean before catching some zzz’s. Hardwood floors look the best with a small aquatic mammal mat at the foot of the bed. Hang a picture of your favorite shark or ocean scene over the bed’s headboard. Use blue sheets to match the painting and white comforter wash up well – and a fish or starfish-printed, decorative pillow to top off the sheets.

Loft it Up
There’s a reason why kids love tree houses. Living life up in the air is as imaginative as any child’s mind. Raise the bed off the floor with a wooden loft. This looks similar to a bunk bed, but without the bottom bed. This leaves extra storage space to place cubbies or place a mini-office retreat. For those with building skills, make the above its own living area. Adjacent to the bed can be a reading area with fun seating like a beanbag chair and wall lamp. Enter the above with a private staircase. It’s the urban tree house every child dreams about.

Future Globe Trekker Meets Ancient Explorer
Ancient maps, old-school globes and bookshelves of encyclopedias inspire this child to learn everything about the world before his European backpacking days. Don’t forget the telescope and the magnifying glass on the desk.  This child has lots of thinking, discovering and exploring to do right from the comfort of his bedroom.

The Gifted Artist
The gifted artist does well with a combination white and bold color to burst their vibrant creativity. Paint one wall, opposite of the bed, with the chalkboard paint and let you child’s inner artistry come alive. If the wall is a potential mess, choose either a strip of the wall, door or dresser allow some chalky expression. Chalkboard pain mainly comes in black, but some brands offer blue, green, pink or red.