How Your Star Sign affects your Sleep

How Your Star Sign affects your Sleep

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Every human is programmed differently with various interests, emotions and ability to sleep, or not. When a human is born, a snapshot of the celestial sky is produced, known as one’s astrological birth chart. This blueprint provides all of one’s life details, including the significant sun, moon and rising or ascendant sign. The sun sign, which we commonly know in the west, represents our soul, conscious ego and personal power. This sun moves through each sign every month, thus if someone says “I’m a Pisces,” they usually are talking about the sun sign. However, the moon sign represents our emotional state, subconscious habits, mood and memory. This, mental process state is what greatly helps or hinders our ability to (not) sleep. The ascendant sign marks our life path and journey, thus is a prominent sign to influence our sun and moon emotions.

To see what signs rule your sun, moon or ascendant, visit or for the free birth chart horoscope. Below are how the zodiac signs affect sleep, so if any sign shows up in your birth chart, below is a self-realization tool to find out what sleep issues you are naturally susceptible towards. The dates shown below are based on Western Astrology or the tropical zodiac.

Aquarius | January 20 – February 18
Aquarians are forward-thinking individuals, who are constantly on the go, and that mainly includes the mind. They are the ruler of the zodiac for those who require the most sleep. Their constant thinking and future-forecasting makes them susceptible toward staring contests with the ceiling. The water-bearer may be dreaming of the next scientific discovery, or contemplating about that next technological advancement. Aquarius rules the circulatory system and is influenced by Leo’s nervous system ruler. So frazzled Aquarians–get some rest, meditate and find your yoga center before bedtime. Choose a book instead of the iPhone, Aquarius!

Pisces | February 19 – March 20
Okay all you Piscean dreamers, what are you dreaming about? Dreams belong in Pisces’s healing realm of tools. Pisces, one of the most spiritual signs in the zodiac, and can benefit through analyzing dreams. Science and skeptics say there’s nothing behind dreams except a bunch of jumbled thoughts. However, dreamers, like Pisces, know there’s a message behind the dream. Often these are the people who suffer from nightmares. If you struggle with sleep, keep a dream journal and meditation space in the bedroom to help understand your subconscious at work. Sleep is opium for Pisces and keeps their intuition and energy reserved.

Aries | March 21 – April 19
Aries, the baby of the zodiac and ruler of the head, generally suffers from “head issues” such as depression, injuries and other mental health issues. Rams are penned up with masculine Mars energy who wants to finish everything first, and sometimes fast. If their energy is not burned through exercise or some other vigorous sport, this energy will cause sleeping issues. (Think of a hyperactive child). Rams commonly get four to five hours of sleeping people a night, as their head gets in the way of their Zzz’s. Arian energy works well sleeping in cooler rooms with sleep sounds such as nature, white noise or soothing music.

Taurus |April 20 – May 20
Venus ruling Taureans love beauty and sleep well in a put-together room that expresses their inner-sensuous appetite. However, Taurus is a fixed side, and often a very stubborn and inflexible sign. Partners may ruffle their tidy sheets if they constantly argue with the spouse about a messy room. Choose your words and your sleeping medications wisely. Those born in April, known as Taurus 1, are susceptible toward addictions. They love their booze, so if you have beer or wine to relax at night, remember to keep this under control as addiction may occur.

Gemini | May 21 – June 20
Gemini is a masculine and mutable air-sign. Ruler of communication, these chatty Cathy’s minds are either on cloud 9 or on the go. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, which promotes day-to-day expression and relationships. Gemini’s are prone to sending an email and questioning whether or not they made the right decision, or if they did not hear back right away (because Gemini is all about communication and their communication is prompt and detailed) they ponder if that person “hates” them. Stay calm in bed Gemini mind; work will not resolve itself while flipping around in the sheets. Meditate and stay grounded.

Cancer | June 21 – July 22
Ok you moody crabs, you rule the home and are the Susie-home makers of the zodiac. The moon rules Cancer–which since the moon represents sleep, Cancer’s sleeping issues usually come from either sleeping too much or staying up too light thanks to your creative juices. A cancer without a blanket is like a crab without its shell, the two mesh well and need each other. The opposite of Cancer is Capricorn, which rules structure and tradition. Business-traveling Cancers may find it challenging to sleep while on the road, as they prefer their home, family and children. Cancers sometimes take their thoughts to bed, suffering from nightmares thanks to their deep, water-nature.

Leo | July 23 – August 22
Leos, ruled by the sun and love, sleep best with a loved one by their side. These big cats like to cuddle and usually have a keen sense for fashion. They prefer a bedroom that’s cozy, yet sensual, so partners can relax and enjoy life between the sheets–usually the luxurious brands. Leos are not the deep-intellectual type that wants to burn the midnight candle, but prefers regular chit-chat with their loved one or “hanging out” at home. Leos do well sleeping on their back.

Virgo | August 23 – September 22
There are many wonderful aspects about Virgos as they desire beautiful homes and community like Taurus. However, there is a dark side of Virgo, which is ruled by Mercury, it’s called the mind. These worry-warts are prone to worrying about everything, from making the bills to emailing someone at work; they suffer from an over-analyzing, neurotic, critical mind. Career-focused Virgos suffer from work nightmares. Virgos can ease their worrying-pain with a bedtime journal. Write everything you need to down before sleeping and lighten the self-critical load Virgo, you need more than just three hours of sleep per night.

Libra | September 23 – October 22
Libras, an air-sign, represents scale and balance. They enjoy equal parts of life including materialism, spirituality, homely, or adventurous pursuits. Designing your ideal bedroom is essential. Although you are a bit more grounded than the other air signs, remember not to float too far from the ground with your thoughts. Stay away from late-night technology, which affects your natural circadian rhythm. Libras go through those “balanced” swings of either sleeping too much or not enough. Remember balance is what you need and sleep promotes equilibrium.

Scorpio | October 23 – November 21
Scorpios rule the “dark side” of Mars. They are very intuitive and instinctual individuals who can become natural night owls. Scorpios are all dependent upon their mood. A deep Scorpio comes alive at night, where a “lifted” Scorpio may push bed time with their intelligent yet concentrated thoughts, obsessions and mind. Not-so-happy Scorpios require loads of sleep to avoid hypersomnia. Meditation and alternative healing practices work well to burn off Mars energy.

Sagittarius November 22 – December 21
These happy-go-lucky folks often daydream about traveling. As a mutable, fire sign, Sag’s are on the go and can survive short-term with minimal rest. However, soon they’ll burn themselves out during the day and get excited about things at night. It’s a perpetual cycle, but can be maintained. If Sag’s notice restless leg syndrome, take this message as the need to plan a vacation to cure your traveling-loving soul. As a fire sign, Sag’s are usually restless but have meaningful dreams, so remember to maintain a dream or astral travel journal if you find your soul escaping to foreign places at night.

Capricorn | December 22  – January 19
The practical sea-goat has the same approach to life as with sleep. Sleep is essential, and they take their sleep seriously, usually enjoying restful nights. However, stress affects everyone no matter what zodiac sign, so keep your rational thinking when times get tough. Stressed sea-goats are susceptible to insomnia due to inner restlessness.