How to Keep Your Home Sunny Year-Round

From Panama Jack — October 3, 2014 at 5:00 amEdit this post

How to Keep Your Home Sunny Year-Round


When summer ends, most head indoors and shelter themselves with movie, cider and comfort food. Before you go on a domestic-binge, keep your home sunny year-round by stimulating the senses with various sights, sounds and smells. These tips guide beach-goers to keep the summer’s energy flowing during the winter months so every morning is bright eyed and revitalized.

Add color
Most homes are decorated with white walls. Depending on your taste and preference, choose one wall to pain in the bedroom or living room. Choose a warm hue that is uplifting and energizing to your décor. The most ideal wall to paint is the one where the bed’s headboard is located, or behind the couch, or main sitting area, in the living room. Colors stimulate eyes and energizes mood, especially when gloomy.

Scent it Up
Smell is one of the senses that stimulate memories. Reminisce over ocean waves and sea mist with candles, air fresheners and aromatherapy products. Mainstream candle companies offer beach product lines that “flavor” the room with hints of coconut, ocean or fresh air.

Bath It, Wear It
For those who enjoy the scent of smell all day long, clean on up with tropical scented bath products. Alba Botanica features their Hawaiian line, which offers Jasmine scented face lotion, plumeria shampoo, coconut milk conditioner and passion fruit body wash.  For a fantastic lotion try the Coconut Skin Trip lotion made from Mountain Ocean.

Play It
When welcoming houseguests or feeling the need for sun, stream surfing videos to enhance the mood and atmosphere. For those with space and a budget, showcase a slide show on a white wall from a projector flipping through some of your favorite summer-time photos.

Design Your Walls
Art is a form of self-expression to encourage our imaginations to go wild. Bring the outside in, with your surfboard, nets, shells and beach collections to decorate along the walls, ceilings and empty corner spaces. With empty walls, fill it with various sizes and shaped paintings or photographs. Mix together vertical and horizontal angles to keep eyes peeled and interested.

Stay Alive with Plants
Keep breathing through cold times with plants and flowers. Night stands, end tables and coffee tables are perfect spaces for vases to liven up a room’s vibration and keep positive energy flowing. Plants and flowers keep spirits alive, especially with its aromatic scent to seduce the naval cavities to think summer is just a day away.