How to Decorate Your Home Like a Spa Resort

How to Decorate Your Home Like a Spa Resort

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Spa resorts features that tranquil atmosphere that most yearn to experience outside of vacation. Luckily, there’s no hidden secret, and transforming your home to resemble a spa resort is easier now than ever. These easy to follow tips help transform your home to the everyday vacation destination to rest your tired mind and body.

Remove the Clutter
The simplest task is to remove the clutter around the home. Spas are known for their open space and clutter-free rooms. This is part of the reason why people can think clearly in a spa—a clear space means a clear mind.

Color Scheme
Most spa resorts use a dark neutral color scheme followed by white or deep jewel tones. Use an 80% white to 20% color scheme, such as painting only one wall with tones. Another common theme is natural materials, such as wood or stone. Wood-covered walls, stone counters, or even simply rocks and trees, all make great additions.

Fabric Selection
Cover the couch with a solid colored throw with decorative pillows. In the bedroom, choose the solid white, or off-white, down comforter. Keep sheets white or dress the bed with sheets that match the walls. Hotel sheets are high quality; therefore, aim for 400 thread count or higher. For the extra comfortable bed, decorate with pillows varying in geometric shapes.

Freshen up with Flowers
Resorts and spas are popularly decorated with flowers, fresh and fake. Decorate the kitchen and bedroom nightstand with fresh flowers. The living room works perfect with large floor vases decorated with features that best accent your homes color scheme.

Dramatic Furniture
Most spa resorts feature modern and funky-shaped furniture. Aim for neutral colors such as beige, white, black or brown. L-shaped couches and small gathering spaces such as chairs and with an end table promote the relaxing atmosphere.

Lighten Up
Lighting is essential in the ambiance and atmosphere for a home. Get low with candles, especially in the bathroom and bedroom. In the kitchen and living room, aim for adjustable ceiling lights to switch on the “calm” atmosphere at anytime of the day.