How to Create a Sunroom

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How to Create a Sunroom



Sunrooms are the perfect place to escape, right in your own home. Luckily, sunrooms are easy to create; all you need is a creative eye and a love of sun.

Location, Location, Location
Sunrooms’ main feature is obvious: sun. Depending on whether you are building an addition, making an outdoor deck, or an indoor sunroom, lighting is essential not only for the room’s atmosphere, but to maintain warmth. Sunrooms are best located in areas where four or more hours of direct sunlight fill the room. Direct access outdoors is not essential, but livens up the room.

Measurements and Planning
After selecting a location, take measurements of the height, width and length of your desired room. This is key when selecting open windows, shades, and furniture and room shape. Consult a contractor or your local zoning office to see if your sunroom requires a permit. Next, consult a contractor to see what options are available for your design. This is the perfect time to think about whether you will incorporate a traditional or glass ceiling.

Lighting and location go together like peas and carrots. Direct lighting enhances a room’s temperature and atmosphere. For sunrooms that overheat, you can use sheer curtains or natural fiber shades to diffuse direct light. Avoid black out shades, as that defeats the purpose. At night, use a skylight, patio or “Christmas” lighting around the room and plants to enhance the nature café-like culture.

Because sunrooms get warm and hot from the sun, choose a brick, tile or stone flooring to keep the atmosphere from overheating. A rug not only ties the room together, but also maintains heat once the sun is set. Carpet may insulate the heat in the floor, overheating the room.

Color Scheme
Bright, sunny and cheery sunrooms do well with warm hues or pastel colors to maintain a relaxing-yet warm feeling. Hues of blue represent more watery-feelings while neutral browns and greens represent a forest-like atmosphere, perfect for garden and nature views seen from the sunroom. Avoid harsh and hot colors like bright reds and yellows, which may overwhelm the room’s “heat.”

Furnishings are key to fulfill the room’s comfort, style and design. Choose from wood furnishings such as end table and Adirondack chairs. Select a themed set that provides adequate furnishings from couches, chairs, end tables and coffee tables.   Take a look at Panama Jack’s seasonal furnishings available in various colors, styles and themes.