How to Attract Love with a Feng Shui Bedroom Design

How to Attract Love with a Feng Shui Bedroom Design

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Are you single and ready to mingle? Or are you ready for something steady? Great news, energy and the universe are on your side. Feng shui promotes the positive flow of qi, or energy, to obtain happiness and prosperity in certain aspects of life. So if you are lacking in the love department or if things are stagnant, explore the following feng shui tips to communicate to the cosmos that you are ready for love or your soul mate. Avoid black and blues, which are water elements. You want to avoid watering down the relationship before it manifests.

Color Scheme
Analyze your bedroom’s color scheme. It is ideal to balance warm and cool colors throughout the room and décor. If you are in the early stages of a relationship, or looking to attract new love include bright and warm colored throw rugs or cushions.

Two is Better than One
Try to have pairs of objects, chairs or furniture for balance and as a symbol as the type of energy you to have in your life. Have two candles, two chairs, two complimentary pictures or other objects that are special to you. Place the chairs symmetrically not only in the bedroom but throughout the house. You can also include symbols such as two entwined hearts or statues. Make sure the bed has an end table on each side. One for you and one for your future love.

Sleep Position
Do you like to hog the bed to yourself? Or sleep on diagonally? Get straight and choose one side of the bed to sleep in. When you hog the bed, you are not communicating that you want or welcome an additional person in the bed. Leaving the other half of the bed open allows energy to flow to fill your wish and demand. 

It is important to keep ample space between furniture and objects on top of desks or nightstands. Stay clutter-free to promote the flow of qi.

Display Photographs
Display happy pictures of you and your partner. If you are single, you can use pictures of any happy couple. Make sure to keep the clutter away from the photographs.

Burning incense stimulates the flow of beneficial qi in a room. For love choose patchouli, musk, ylang ylang, or jasmine to generate a loving atmosphere.

To attract love or infuse a relationship with love you can select plenty of stones, crystals or gems from the mineral kingdom. Most common stone is rose quartz. To increase the qi, place the rose quartz adjacent to the bed on a nightstand.