Home Design with the Feng Shui Bagua Chart


Home Design with the Feng Shui Bagua Chart

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The Bagua (pronounced pa-kwa) chart is an octagonal, or square, object with a yin-yang in the center, depending on the style of chart you use. Each side of the octagon, or box in the square represents a certain aspect of life.  The Bagua means “eight areas,” which is situated on the home or apartments floor plan to better prosper that area.

To use the chart, one must align the front door with the career box. If a certain area of is unbalanced, the Bagua and Feng shui techniques can better prosper that situation and allow energy to flow. Below are the eight areas of life that are represented on the Bagua chart.

This area is represented through the front entryway or foyer area of the home.  Career is associated with the water element. This addresses what we can accomplish, promotions, work opportunities and levels of self-esteem. To improve the career area includes objects that symbolize water.

Knowledge and Self-Cultivation
Located in the front left hand corner of the home or main floor, and is represented with blue. This area represents tapping into wisdom to make necessary choices and your best choices. To improve this area, place a library or books that relate to your life’s aspirations.

Friends, Family and Ancestors
Located in the middle left or center, this area is represented through green. This region includes foundations, tribal ties, energies of those who passed before you and those who currently influence your path. Represented with the element wood, the tree (roots spring into eternal DNA) is the symbol related to family roots and ties. To improve this area, display family photos or place three green plants in this area to balance and harmonize family ties.

Located in the far back left corner, and associated with the color purple. The wealth arena contains issues of abundance, prosperity and money. This area can shift dramatically with energy stimulation. Place four purple flowers or flowering plants in this gua.

Fame and Integrity
Located in the back center, and is associated with the color red. This area involves recognition from others and how the outside world perceives you. Represented by fire, to ignite that flame place nine red candles in this gua.

Marriage and Partnerships
Located in the back right corner and associated with the color pink. Focus on loving thoughts and energies will promote healthy and happy relationships to nurture and nourish your soul. Place a pair of anything pick in this gua: birds, ducks, candles, flowers or chairs.

Children and Creativity
Located in the center right, and is associated with white or pastel colors. This gua promotes intention into matter, whether that maybe giving birth or encountering a creative endeavor. To activate this energy, place seven metal coins of any denomination in this region.

Beneficial People and Travel
Located in the lower right corner, this gua is associated with the color gray. This area is where you can enhance your universal connection, as well as obtain support from the seen and unseen worlds. This gua also represents travel to destinations (un)known with ease, comfort and safety. To promote better energy place an empty glass or bowl in this gua. Or place travel logs or brochures.