Green Clean Products: Top Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Green Clean Products: Top Plant-Based Cleaning Products

Cleaning your home is essential, but so are eco-friendly methods and techniques. Consciously awake your home with plant-based cleaning products to freshen the atmosphere while being kind to the planet. Green cleaning products avoid harsh chemicals, which is gentler on your products and skin. The next time you want to green clean your home, check out these top plant-based cleaning products.

Mrs. Meyer*s Clean Day Countertop Spray
If you’re looking to freshen the aroma in your kitchen without cooking, your counters are in need to meet Mrs. Meyer*s countertop spray. The phenomenal scents remove odors and leave rooms smelling fresh unlike any other spray on the market. Best used on non-porous surfaces such as countertops, tile, porcelain, finished wood and bathroom walls. All scents are wonderful, but the lemon verbena seems to be a countertop favorite. Ingredients are 98% naturally derived.

Vaska Spot Remover
This color safe and non-toxic spot remover works wonders on fabric stains without the harsh destruction of regular spot removers. This spot remover is free from dyes and fragrances, which irritate skin. All Vaska products is biodegradable, hypoallergenic and safe for the environment.

Seventh Generation Dishwashing Tabs
Dishwashing tabs makes life easy with no mess, measuring or managing harsh chemicals. This tab leaves your dishes and glasses spotless and removes grease without the use of chlorine, phosphates or synthetic fragrances. The outer pouch is also derived from biodegradable PVA. Choose from a Free-and-Clear or Lemon scent for your next dishwashing load.

Biokleen Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner
Wash your mirrors and window with this ammonia and streak free glass cleaner. The odorless formula integrates the power of vinegar and natural soil lifters to remove pollution, smoke, dust, dirt and grime. It’s a preferred choice with professional window washers.

Eco’s Liquid Laundry Detergent
Earth Friendly Products features their high-performance liquid laundry soap. This soap cleans full loads with only 1.5 ounces of soap and is HE and frontload machine friendly. ECO’s recently launched their 4x concentrated detergent, which is easy to carry and offers the same smell and stain removal with only one-half ounce. These products are recognized for safe chemistry through the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and safe for the septic system.

Method Loo Crew Bathroom Kit
Method is known for it’s lasting scent, which lifts the clean aroma in home. Tackle soap-scum, mold, germs and whatever else is in your bathroom with this non-toxic bathroom kit. The kit includes toilet, bathroom and daily shower cleaner. The ylang ylang scent is out of this world and removes post-shower scum and grim.

Mrs. Meyer*s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap
Dirty hands constantly need cleansed. And there’s no better option than with Mrs. Meyer*s Liquid Hand Soap. Made from essential oils, the hand soap is also body friendly, and leaves skin soft and smelling great. Choose from 12 scents all containing their own special aroma, which makes it hard to choose one. The soap has scents usable for all types of bathroom and kitchen hands.

Simple Green Carpet Cleaner
Deodorize and deep clean your carpet without bleach, added-color, fragrances or petroleum distillates. This professional strength product removes tough stains such as wine, chocolate, blood, food, coffee, grease, motor oil and more.