Flower Bedroom Decor and Design


Flower Bedroom Decor and Design

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If you are in search of a different floral arrangement than you’ve come to the right place. Flowery bedrooms offer more than a vase with daisies, but offers a connection to nature. Below are some vital tips to keep floral bedrooms feminine and chic, but not over-flooded with dandelions.

Modern Flower Design
For chic, contemporary designs, stick to one flower pattern. Larger prints make a bigger impact than smaller floral patterns. Choose one floral design and decorate the rest of the room with contemporary colors or materials like bamboo flooring and solid color walls. Another idea is to use floral sheets and choose a solid color or white comforter to exude the modern, hotel-feel.

Country Style Design
Flowers can add texture and style to a country home. Flowered wall paper or rug add a comforting feeling to a homely design. The room can feature country furnishings such as wooden dressers and chests.

Elegant Floral Design
Love the color white? Choose white furniture touched with flowered walls, rugs and sheets. Choose a solid tone comforter to add color without an over powering floral sensation.

Hotel-Feel Design
Flowers are lovely and so is sleeping in a hotel. Choose the black and white theme with an integration of black and white floral sheets with a white a comforter. Choose a black or red flower painting above the head board to expand the chic feeling on the walls. A vase with black or red colored flowers will lighten the feeling and mood.

Kids Flower Design
Kids can enjoy flowers in a garden theme room. Colors of green, pink, yellow and orange decorate the room and walls. Daisies go great for kid rooms from the wall decor to the rug to the comforter. Choose solid color pillows and sheets to exude color throughout the room.