Fitness on Queen Anne Hill Seattle

Local Seattlites are outdoor enthusiasts that crave integrating fitness and nature together. As a resident of the Queen Anne neighborhood, I realize how much outdoor fitness potential there is throughout the hill. Plus, the challenge of conquering the uphill battle focuses on toning glutes, legs and calves- every woman’s dream!

As the weather gets dark and gloomy, there are many routes to challenge the body to combine cardio and strength training throughout the year. As your Queen Anne personal trainer, I am going to route these maps and create year-round calorie-busting routines to get you up and moving. And hey, if it snows again like it did in January 2012, than residents will have to bust out the skis again to perform the  ultimate full-body challenge!

My goal as a fitness professional and QA trainer, is to enhance the lives and wellbeing of local community members. So get ready to bundle up and enjoy the Puget Sound and Seattle Skyline view as you embrace movement!

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