Fitness App – Day 3 Reading “Accept the Past, Keep Looking Forward.”

Accept the Past, Keep Looking Forward

One day we wake up and realized “Wow, I am 100 pounds overweight.” Or “I can’t take this stress anymore, I’m done.” Then we start to view the last few years of our lives, and mentally beat ourselves up over letting our health or weight spiral out of control.

Life happens, and we are faced with choices everyday. In the past you may have made some poor health choices, but you have now made the first step toward making a change in your life. This choice is yours, but remember, life style changes are an experience. Some days are sunny and happy, some days are cloudy and sleepy. It’s another journey, or chapter, in your life. Be proud and happy for making this app one of the first steps toward health and wellbeing. Accept the choices you have made in the past, and keep looking forward to a new, healthier you!


  1. How have I felt after two days of exercises?
  2. What have I done in the past that led me to an unhealthy lifestyle?
  3. What are some barriers that I want to overcome the next 28 days?