Fit App – Day 29 – Congratulations Celebration!

Congratulations Celebration!

You my friend are almost there! Congratulations!  Give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work and efforts.

How are you going to celebrate your achievement?

Before we part, I want to remind of you the benefits or some misconceptions about exercise.

  1. The media is confusing. It confuses me as a trainer. Carbs will not make you fat and coffee is not unhealthy. Only in large quantities or excess doses are these foods ‘bad’ for you.  No matter what the research says, understand that the consistency in research shows that healthy eating and exercise assist in weight loss or weight maintenance.
  2. Exercise is one of the best medicines for Disease Prevention. Enough said!
  3. Exercise, especially resistance training, increases the resting metabolic rate (RMR), which enhances extra caloric burn throughout the day. Muscle mass increases the RMR, which in turn increases the metabolism.
  4. DIETS do not work. We do not eat on a point system nor can we live a lifetime on pre-made frozen meal diets. The only way to maintain healthy eating is through lifestyle changes. Mindful eating includes eating a variety of foods, and avoiding the “terrible twos” (i.e Tacos with sour cream and cheese). The more fruits and vegetables that are incorporated the healthier the diet because of the nutrients and fiber. People who diet will lose weight temporarily, but they generally put it back on because they want to go back to ‘normal’ eating.
  5. Stop depriving. Drastic cuts in diet generally leads to a downward spiral as people resist cravings until they “can’t take it anymore.”
  6. If you love cookies, ice cream and baked goods….try a vegan or gluten free version. These generally use better, organic ingredients and use less dairy. Less dairy = less calories and fat. Now this does not mean you can eat them like crazy, but are a better option. Try coconut, almond or soy milk ice cream to avoid artificial ingredients and high-fat.
  7. Spend now or spend later. People who develop “hypo kinetic” diseases due to sedentary lifestyle, cost of doctor bills, co-pays, treatments and medications far exceed years worth of costs toward healthy eating and exercise.
  8. Sometimes the hardest part is getting out of bed, or getting to the gym. Monitor your energy. If exercise doesn’t energize you after 10 minutes, give yourself a break as you maybe exhausted, and the workout maybe ineffective. But, if you start to feel better or more alive, continue on and embrace the power of how exercise affects energy.
  9. The choice is yours. Life is about choices, and we have the choice to continue to change, or regress to old ways. The mind is a powerful tool, but with a bit of will-power and self-control you can lead yourself to a a healthy lifestyle, and still enjoy the foods you love – in healthy doses.
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