Fit App – Day 25 Reading – Your Hooked, Now what you are Going to do?

Your Hooked, Now what you are Going to do?

Habit is referred to “an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.” Exercise, like bad food, is addicting – in a healthy way.

For example, when the body ingests greasy, fatty and sugary the food, the body craves what you eat, not salads, pineapple and quinoa.

The same applies for exercise. When you start exercising and suddenly stop, the body “craves” exercise to maintain that healthy feeling.  Any goal with exercise and healthy eating is to integrate into our daily lives as part of our lifestyle. Our conscious efforts, hopefully leads to unconscious habits of selecting nutritious food and integrate movement to stimulate the mind and body. When we have successfully encountered that lifestyle change, that means that our choices are automatic and do not require much thought.

Here are something to ask yourself for the remaining few days.

What can I do starting day 31 to keep me moving and stimulated?

Am I struggling in a certain area? If so, what can I do to assist me moving forward to health and wellbeing.

Remember, life is about choices. We choose to exercise or not, eat healthy or not. If you have one bad day, accept that and keep moving forward. You have the choice to beat yourself or acknowledge what happened and continue to walk on the path to health and wellbeing.