Fit App – Day 20 – Confide in Yourself

Confide in Yourself

Confidence, one thing that many people lack, is something we must regain. Why do we lack confidence? It is very individualistic, but some people lack confidence because they are either not comfortable with the way he or she looks. Also, outside ‘sources’ affect confidence such as a boss that constantly puts down your work efforts or reading cyber bullying.

When a person’s confidence is crushed, he or she finds something comforting, such as ice cream, alcohol, cigarettes or greasy food.

Why? Because food doesn’t talk back or nit-picks at your every move. That is why pets are a powerful influence in one’s life, as they provide unconditional love and companionship. Anyways, satiating the palate long-term finds people one day waking up and saying, “I need to change.”

Exercise and human movement increases confidence to prove that your body is capable of many things. After 20 days of exercise, you need to give yourself a “high-5” for a job well done. You should be proud of yourself for making this commitment.

Now its time to show off your confidence. Share your good news with a friend, facebook post, tweet or maybe some more movement? The choice is yours, just be sure it’s a healthy choice!