Fit App – Day 13 Reading – What’s Your Inner Trigger?

Whats your Inner Trigger?

Motivation is challenging for those who are not motivated. People who start exercise and quit often do not connect with something that personally motivating to YOU! Doing the elliptical five days per week is monotonous and repetitive on the joints.  Some people who get bored from exercise generally quit exercise due to the lack of stimulation.

Think of motivation like a restaurant menu. You have appetizers, sandwiches, main plates and desserts. Motivation is similar: you have mental, physical, emotional benefits, personal achievements and health improvements.

Everyone wants to tone up, lose weight, gain strength or become more flexible. But what does that really mean to you?

Does losing weight mean that you’ll be able to finally pick up your child or grandchild? Does gaining strength mean that you’ll finally be able to enjoy activities such as hiking or biking? Will exercise allow you to become less dependent on health medication?

Behind every “I want” is a motivating factor, that is personal to you.


So ask yourself, what is the real, reason you want to change your health?