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Finding Om is a travel memoir about 22-year old college student, Elizabeth, who backpacks and studies yoga in India, solo. Overcoming obstacles, this is a young woman’s journey into finding the life she’s always dreamed about living.

Finding Om Book Readings | Signings

Whether it’s a traditional book signing or an enlightening excerpt read, Finding Om Book Readings are here to inspire, awaken and enlighten the community. Since Finding Om is a travel memoir, the book covers many adventurous, exciting and spiritual journeys as well as various high and low points. The reading can be catered to meet the local demographic/interest.

Finding Om Book Club

Finding Om is no traditional book club. With a decade of health and fitness coaching, The Finding Om Book Club is a combination of a traditional book club integrated with coaching. Regular clubs read a book, get together and discuss opinions.

The Finding Om Book Club differs in the sense that the club meets 3-5 times over a period of time (2-4 months). This allows the reader plenty of time to read the chapters, but allows the person to work through concepts learned.  Each session will focus on one or two specific themes that are based around a certain area of the book.

For example, two theme for Chapters 1-3 could be Breaking Through Change and Destruction and Creation. These main themes touch upon some smaller points that will be discussed. One smaller key point is getting out of one’s comfort zone. Participants can chime in on ways they’ve changed or can find change by doing something different. This would include some journaling methods where participants would write a note or letter to themselves about the change they desire and how they can get out of their comfort zone. The key is to note that not everyone can jump on a plane and move abroad. Something such as the desire to take a local painting class is something that breaks their routine and gets them in touch with their inner world.

Participants can briefly describe what they think of the journey as depicted in the book; thus, integrating tradition with innovation. Giving time in between each session allows the person to digest the information and work on themselves while giving them time to read the next chapters.

Themes and the amount of chapters read each session vary upon the facility’s scheduling needs. Themes can vary based on the comfort level of the facility.

Finding Om Personal Growth Workshop

For those who need guidance and healing, Finding Om Personal Growth workshop allows people to discover themselves and their inner world based on the Finding Om Five Principals – DREAM – Destruction, Re-creation, Enlightenment, Acceptance & Manifestation. The workshop includes segments such as:

-The Desire to Change

-Destruction and Creation (Blessings in Disguise)

-How to Seek Change

-How to Handle Unexpected Events

-Diving Deep into Thought

-Personal Acceptance

-Understanding the Flow of Life

-Manifesting vs. Lessons

Workshops include lecture, discussion, journaling and self-discovery techniques.

Finding Om Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Finding Om Meditation and/or Yoga sessions can range between 20 minutes to 2 hours. This workshop can either be focused solely on yoga or meditation or can include a brief lecture to encourage people to live through the Finding Om Five Principals –DREAM –Destruction, Re-creation, Enlightenment, Acceptance & Manifestation

“Open your heart to a new experience and believe that change is possible.” – Elizabeth Rae Kovar

Elizabeth resides in Seattle, WA. If interested in scheduling an event, please contact her at: 440-525-1514 or at Learn more about Elizabeth by reading her biography.