Finding Om and Yoga Behind Bars Partner to Help Change Incarcerated Lives

Finding Om & Yoga Behind Bars Partnership – Changing Lives One Cell at a Time


I believe we all have a story. Good, bad, happy and sad – lessons are a part of life and we all must “find” a way to cope with various situations. I am happy to announce that Finding Om and Yoga Behind Bars are now partners to help educate and evolve the lives of the men and women behind bars.  This partnership is the first step into a brighter and healthier future. With your help, I will donate partial proceeds to Yoga Behind Bars with any Finding Om ebook or print book sold now through July 4, 2016.  Together, we can change your and those who live behind bars life today.

About Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus

OMproduct_thumbnailFinding Om is a travel memoir about 22-year old college student, Elizabeth, who backpacks and studies yoga in India, solo. Overcoming obstacles, this is a young woman’s journey into finding the life she’s always dreamed about living.

Reason Behind Partnership

As a yoga instructor and writer, I understand the importance of giving back and helping those who really need guidance. In this life, I have been fortunate to live in some of the most amazing countries – Australia, Germany and India. Most of what I learned abroad is what I call life knowledge. It’s diving deep into yourself and discovering who you are during moments of joy and sadness. Because of my experiences abroad, I realized that yoga can be a powerful tool to help those who are struggling.

Yoga is life knowledge and a potent tool that dramatically changed my life. I’ve decided to partner with Yoga Behind Bars because I feel strongly about supporting those who are trying to positively change their life’s and are searching for ways to do so.  Supporting a program that guides inmates toward a better and healthier life is something that I personally believe is important.

I believe that we all have a story and these men and women can better accept and change their life when equipped with the right tools. Yoga, meditation and reading allow a person to DREAM again.

The Finding Om Five Principles – DREAM – is my personal philosophy on the process of change by experiencing: destruction, re-creation, enlightenment, acceptance and manifestation. I hope to inspire the world, but in particular these men and women behind bars to DREAM.
Details & Ways You Can Help
There are three ways to help:
1. Buy a Print Book on – $1.00 of every print book sold on will be donated.

2. Buy an Ebook Book – 50-cents of every e-book sold will be donated. (available on amazon, B&N, Kobo, Iapple)

3. Use the Amazon Link – Click on the Findng Om amazon link on the Yoga Behind Bars website to purchase either the print or ebook. Yoga Behind Bars will receive a portion of the purchase through their affiliation with Amazon.

Proceeds donated will be used to fund YBB programs, which includes the upcoming teacher training for women behind bars. This generosity link contains a video message behind this program.
**Anyone interested in purchasing an autographed copy can email Elizabeth directly at: **

Time Frame
Any books sold between April 7, 2016– July 4, 2016.

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Back Cover Synopsis
Finding Om is a travel memoir that looks into the mind and soul of 22-year old, Bowling Green State University college student, Elizabeth. In 2005, Elizabeth studied abroad in Australia, which ignited a fresh perspective on life. Australia, and the ocean, became her first love – a sacred place that rebirthed her soul and introduced her to yoga.

Emboldened by the South Pacific, Elizabeth returned to Ohio and fell ill from reverse culture shock. Her collegiate responsibilities, boyfriend issues and negative perspectives about Ohio spiraled out of control. Anxiety, stress, insomnia and panic attacks ruled her life. Stress triggered an unbalanced life, filled with addictions and mental despair, which disconnected Elizabeth from her soul.

Elizabeth desired change and the need to re-identify herself with the world. She needed to find a way to travel abroad. Recipient of BGSU’s inaugural, Stuart R. Givens Fellowship, a grant to fund a student to “do anything in the world,” Elizabeth proposed to backpack and to study yoga in the world’s most hectic country, India, solo.

In the summer 2007, Elizabeth left the US with three thousand dollars, one red backpack and a bagful of questions in search of enlightenment, acceptance and inner peace.

Finding Om is a spiritual, and chaotic, journey through the highs and lows of India. Vivid and suspenseful, these are the tales of palm reader prophecies, the romances with a soul mate, the troubles of tour guide scams, the teachings from yoga gurus and the illuminating conversations had over a cup of chai. This is an intimate and true story of an intrepid young female on a quest to find compassion, adventure and a home in the world.

Elizabeth Rae Kovar Contact Information @brainbodykovar @erkovar

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