Embrace the Fall, Embrace something New…

New Season, New Workout, New You



TRXThe fitness industry continuously evolves with new class ideas and equipment.  Although some equipment may not be fresh on the market, it may be new to your fitness routine. Embrace the transition into fall with something exciting and different.


TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX suspension trainer essentially suspends from a wall, door or ceiling to allow for a 360° movement that enhances full-body strength, core stability, balance and flexibility. Essentially, the hands or feet are located in the strap to provide functional, self-body weight exercises. The TRX is able to be used in a home, park or workout facility. To find classes nearest you visit trxtraining.com and click on find a class.


Sponge Ball

Sponge ball, or poz-a-ball, is similar to a child’s playground ball, but with the durability and material to be used for working out. This ball allows the body to enhance mind-body, core exercises such as hip bridges, crunches and leg circles.  A person may lie on the ball, or be placed between the inner thighs or hands. The best way to get a visual is to visit spri.com. Click on Education, then Spri exercise charts and on sponge ball to open the PDF.



Want the sculpted legs of ballet dancer? You will find it in a barre class, which provides a combination of yoga, Pilates and dance techniques while using the ballet bar. Barre is most easily found at fitness, dance or barre studios.  These classes utilize various pieces of equipment such as dumbbells, bands or Pilate rings.  As most people do not conveniently have a bar located in their household, a stable fold out or kitchen chair is the best replacement.  To find a barre class nearest you, it is best to Google search the class in your community.

If you need further ideas on how to use these pieces of equipment, please email Elizabeth at erkovar@yahoo.com