Decorate Your Room Zen Style


Decorate Your Room Zen Style

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There’s no better place to create a tranquil sanctuary than your bedroom. A zen room promotes the relaxing, Asian motif with a touch of Bamboo nature. Whether you enjoy the relaxing sounds of water or the peaceful aesthetics of neutral colors, there’s something for every feng-shui lover.

Go Earthy
Get zen’d out in your comfy room with earth tones. Many neutral colors such as beige, brown and green go a long way. Keep walls, rug and comforters neutral while saving the decorative pieces for the nightstand and walls. Hard wood or bamboo flooring looks best in zen rooms.

Get Furnished
Depending on the zen atmosphere you want to create, decorate your room and walls with various pieces that do not overcrowd or clutter the space. Japanese themes use modular or simple lines in their design. For a Thai or Indian feel, place hues of gold pieces and art on the walls and book shelves. Incense burners, paper lamps, wooden mats and umbrellas are common furnishings amongst zen rooms.

Build a Meditation Space
Larger rooms that can utilize a mediation space can work best with a plant, mediation pillow, and altar if desired. Corner spaces work well for a nice quiet place to call Om.

Get a Buddha
No zen room is complete without a Buddha. Large or small, the Buddha is nicely situated on night stands, book shelve or mediation spaces.

Clear the Clutter
Positive energy cannot flow with cluttered or messy rooms. Keep your room open and clear of paper stacks and piles of clothes.  Let the energy flow with open space near doorways and windows.

Bring in Nature
Bamboo plants, zen rock gardens or sand with pebble stones enhance the layout of the decor while enhancing a nature theme. Night stands work well with an orchid or flower blossoms. Those who have sleep issues may benefit from tabletop waterfall to promote nightly white noise.

Get Pillows
Much of Asia uses pillows for seated cushions and sleeping. Puff your pillows with various geometric shapes and colors. For an Indian theme room, use pillow cushions to flourish your bed’s style and vibrancy.