7 Most Amazing Hawaiian Beaches to Keep You Warm During the Winter

At the Beach, Travel and Leisure — December 7, 2015 at 5:00 am 7 Most Amazing Hawaiian Beaches to Keep You Warm During the Winter by Elizabeth Kovar+ With consistently warm weather and beautiful beaches, Hawaii is the perfect place to escape the dreadful days of scraping snow off your car. Whether you want to get some extra […]

Submit Your Favorite Travel Photo – Enter to Win a Free Book

As an author, I’d like to express my appreciation this Thanksgiving season by giving away two free autographed print copies of my travel memoir, Finding Om: An Indian Journey of Rickshaws, Chai, Chapattis and Gurus – a $23.00 value for free! Traveling and living abroad is very near and dear to my heart. My experiences […]

7 Beaches Off the Beaten Path

From Panama Jack — November 9, 2015 at 5:00 am 7 Beaches Off the Beaten Path by Elizabeth Kovar+ Nothing is more adventurous than finding that perfect, secluded beach. You may have battled dirt roads, potholes and flat tires, but it’s worth it in the end when sunbathing on a primitive beach. From Thailand to France, […]

11 German Qualities that I Admire

Every culture has stereotypes. Germans are known as the world’s most efficient and forward thinking creatures. And to that notion, I agree. At first, I found it difficult to tap into the German culture. I could not “put my finger” on my perception of a typical German besides being too honest, stubborn and rude. Germany […]

Grünkohl Tour: A Northern German Tradition that Celebrates Kale

Have you ever experienced a grünkohl tour? I never experienced, let alone heard about, a grünkohl tour until to moving to Germany. Several years back, my husband hosted four Germans on a fellowship in Seattle and met with high-up city and business officials. The one fellow, Stefan from Oldenburg, told Tacoma city officials about the […]

Things You Must Know Before You Move to Germany: Part 1 – My Story

You would think moving abroad for the fourth time would be easy? Only to one’s imagination would this move be easier than the last three. Each experience is unique and presents its own challenges. Although tough, I must say nothing can top the move to India where nervousness and fear kicked into full gear. To […]

Top Hiking Trails in the Pacific Northwest

Top Hiking Trails in the Pacific Northwest 13. June 2014 The Pacific Northwest is known for it’s natural beauty, delicious seafood and scenic hiking trails. With thousands of easy to strenuous trails amongst the Northwest, visitors and locals are rewarded to some of the best views in America. Lace up your trekking shoes and bring […]

6 Outdoor Trips that are Worth Every Penny

MK LIVIN’ – THE MOUNTAIN KHAKIS BLOG FROM MOUNTAIN KHAKIS 6 Outdoor Trips that are Worth Every Penny Posted by Elizabeth Kovar on August 18, 2014 at 5:00 AM × Edit Have you ever dreamed of watching grizzly bears hunt for salmon? Or would “die” to heli-ski the snowcapped peaks in British Columbia? Are you holding back from conquering […]

8 Dangers of Teen Sleep Deprivation

8 Dangers of Teen Sleep Deprivation Teenage years are exciting, confusing, yet baffling at the same time. This is also the time where parents begin to worry about their youngster growing up and doing “adult things.” It is important to educate teens on the importance of sleep, as with a lack of it, school, social, […]

Hydration and Sleep Connection

Hydration and Sleep Connection Many people do not realize that their health habits greatly influence or adversely affect their sleep quality. Drinking water is not only important for human survival, but also essential to maintain healthy sleep patterns. Every cell, tissue and organ requires water to function properly. Therefore, proper sleep and adequate hydration work […]