Second Step to Healing Any Problem: Admitting Your Mistakes

The First Step to Healing Any Problem – Forgiveness

The Importance of Self Love During Hardships

3 Steps to Making Any Change in Life

In order to evolve, progress or advance yourself in life, you must be willing to change and face your weaknesses / shadow side. Whether you want to change emotional eating or your impulsive behavior, follow these basic steps of admittance, acceptance and making a plan in order to progress your life to the next chapter.

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Vote for Elizabeth to Become the Next Weleda Global Garden Blogger & Creative Artist

Dear Friends, Hope you are having a lovely summer. I have applied for the Weleda Global Garden Contest and hoping you can take a moment to vote for me? Weleda is a holistic German product line and is looking for a blogger and creative artist to explore their meadows, gardens and farms located around the world. […]

Join Me Feb. 3rd at 1pm PST for the Adapting to Changes on the Exploring Awesome podcast with host Jim Kellner

  Hello Dear Friends, How is life? On an individual and collective level, we are entering a new dynamic. Things are shifting and changing, and it seems to be happening at the speed of light. Things that are happening now are happening for a reason. Some claim it’s for all of us to purge our […]

Join the 12 Days of Resolutions at

We all have goals, dreams and aspirations. Growing up, I used to make resolutions every year. And then somewhere in my twenties, I stopped. I thought resolutions were stupid and just another failed attempt to lose weight or try to fit in another pair of jeans. I realized that many common resolutions are attached to […]

Finding Om Book Events

  Finding Om is a travel memoir about 22-year old college student, Elizabeth, who backpacks and studies yoga in India, solo. Overcoming obstacles, this is a young woman’s journey into finding the life she’s always dreamed about living. Finding Om Book Readings | Signings Whether it’s a traditional book signing or an enlightening excerpt read, […]


<style=”background-color:transparent;max-width:924px; margin:=”” auto;”=””> 5 SIGNS YOU’RE A NEW AGE HIPPIE July 17, 2015Elizabeth KovarODT Life For years, hippies battled the stereotype of being pot-smoking beach bums with dreadlocks who work at the local organic cafe. Although this notion is true for many, new age hippies are making a comeback while holding onto hip-notic roots. Whether […]